Great Mogging Finds: The Huge Thorium Battleaxe

Today I wanted to share a mogging item I've been having good success selling: The Huge Throium Battleaxe. This item can be crafted by almost any Blacksmith in the game but I doubt if anyone on your server is selling it. Head past the jump for my experience selling the Huge Throium Battleaxe.

What is the item?

The Huge Thorium Battleaxe is a level 51 2-Handed Axe. It requires Blacksmithing 280 to craft. The pattern is learned from the Blacksmithing trainer. I've been crafting and selling this on my level 48 Paladin.

Huge Thorium Battleaxe: Material Prices
The Huge Thorium Battleaxe requires (12) Thorium Bars, (6) Dense Grinding Stones and (6) Rugged Leather. As you can see from the screenshot above the materials on my server are very inexpensive (under 40 gold total).

What does it sell for?

In my experience this has sold for between 350-650 gold. While I think this item could sell for more I worry that if I increase the price too much it will draw the attention of competitors. So far I am the only player selling this item. As long as my sales stay steady I will continue to sell at around 675 gold each.

Huge Thorium Axe: Sales

Why is it selling?

As someone who uses 2-Handed weapons on my Warrior, Death Knight and Paladin I am always searching for unique and interesting looks to transmogrify my weapons into. As someone who tends to "mog down" (transmogrifying a newer shinier weapon into a lower more subtle model) I tend to match my weapon look to my current armor look.

What I found when searching the auction house for 2-Handed weapons was that the selection tended to be really terrible. Usually just a handful of run-of-the-mill Cataclysm items and some ugly low-level weapons. The Huge Thorium Battleaxe isn't exactly what you might call "pretty" but it is what you might call "freaking huge". It also has a very sinister look to it.

I imagine Titan's Grip Fury Warriors might be picking this axe up to wield two freaking huge axes. It also has a nice dark coloring with a slight purple hue that might appeal to Death Knights.

Should I sell it?

I think that every Blacksmith reading this should check their auction house and if you don't see this item spend the time and (very low) material costs to produce and sell a few. If they don't sell right away don't get discouraged. Selling mogging items requires patience.

Also expect your sales to increase over time. As more and more players purchase and mog your axes more and more will see them on players around town and head to the auction house to pick up their own.

How should I price it?

I would price this in the 600-700 gold range. They will sell for this. As I stated earlier, if you try to push the price too high you risk drawing competition. As this is a craftable item, the only thing keeping all the other blacksmiths on your server selling it is either a) them not knowing about it or b) their own laziness.


Always be looking into all your older crafting profession recipes for hidden gems like the Huge Thorium Battleaxe. In my experience there are very few players really focusing on selling mogging items much less crafted mogging items.

In fact, a quick check on's global Huge Thorium Battleaxe page page reveals that there are very few players selling this axe at the moment and almost none are selling them for prices I've been able to get. Now is your chance to get a foothold into the market. Best strike while the iron....erm... thorium is hot.

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Your turn: What crafted mogging items have you had success selling?

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  1. Now I wish I invested more time with my alts.... I've locked my Blacksmith at level 19 with the intention of healing BGs.
    Hmmm... I will pass it on to a guildie who needs the gold more than me. Thanks for the tip :)


    This is another great weapon for selling, it's rather awkward to get the dark iron bars however you can occasionally find a few cheap on the AH.

  3. @Kava How generous. :D

    @Parky I'll be sure to check out Nightfall. It has a great look to it.

  4. Lesser Wizard's robes sell in the 300-500g range for me and only cost around 15g to make. The downside is I think the spider's silk required no longer drops and I've drained out the AH supply, this may be an in-game error I need to put a ticket in for.

  5. @RJ_Kunz If it was like some silk I was trying to find it's there it's just a very low drop rate. Check Wowhead comments on the items for more info.

  6. I'd rather teach a person how to fish than just give them a fish :)

    I am my friends' go-to person for gold making advice, and I often link blog posts and podcast I find helpful to our Facebook group. That usually has at least two people coming to me to discuss what was in most recent post/episode.

    We often avoid competing with one another, and help each other advertise in Trade. I find it more fun that way.

  7. @Kava You sound like a good friend to have around.

  8. Currently my real life friend is telling me about how much he has made so far since I linked this post to him. You just helped me make a broke warrior a very happy Tauren :)