25 Must-Follow Gold-Making Twitterers

A shot of our tweetdeck this morning.

Since we started the @PowerWordGold twitter account at the beginning of the year we've seen a large increase in the amount of gold-makers (bloggers and players alike) who are joining twitter. A wonderful milieu of gold making goodness has developed. a primordial ooze of news, tips, questions and answers bubbles up on twitter daily. If you want to know what is going on in World of Warcraft gold-making right now twitter is a great place to start looking.

Today I am going to be listing my own 25 must-follow gold-making twitterers. If you have even the slightest interest in making gold than these should be the first 25 people you follow. Head past the jump for the list.

It should be noted that I am making this list out of my own personal experience interacting with these individuals over the last year. A list of 25 twitterers doesn't give us room to included everyone we'd like to. Our "WoW Gold Bloggers Etc." twitter list alone has 72 twitterers listed on it. If your favorite gold-making twitterer wasn't included on the list please let everyone know about them in the comments below.

An now, in no particular order, are our top 25 must-follow gold-making twitterers. If you've never signed up for twitter do it today and make these your first 25 follows. You won't be disappointed.

  1. @DEazeroth - Keelhaul. Shares his experience selling mogging items. He's The Mogfather.
  2. @GrayzBDF - Grayz. Always supportive of others and never shy about sharing his feelings.
  3. @ssmith0911 - Cold's Gold Factory. One of the most consistent information sources around.
  4. @MarcusTy - Marcus Ty. His #AuctionHouseSecrets are always spot-on.
  5. @NevAHAddict - Nev Ahaddict. One of the most helpful gold-makers on twitter.
  6. @Khalior - Khalior. Always engaged in the gold-making stream of consciousness.
  7. @thegoldqueen - Gold Queen. A pillar of the gold-making community. Always insightful.
  8. @formerrulingAnthony Landrum. Always offers useful information. Fails at emails.
  9. @FaidtasticFaid. One of the brightest minds in gold-making. Period.
  10. @Alberthus99999Ricardo Perdigão. Kind. Helpful. Insightful. Genuine.
  11. @AltosGoldAlto. Always willing to give help and knowledge to others. 
  12. @CappedByCataCappedByCata. One of the most uplifting individuals in gold-making.
  13. @breakthebankwowKathroman. The sharpest mind and the biggest heart around.
  14. @msherretzMichael Sherretz. Consistent. Consistent. Consistent.
  15. @GimpsGoldGimpsGold. Always willing to lend a hand and help others.
  16. @SocoWowSoco. Admitted altoholic who knows her way around the auction house.
  17. @AHSpyAHSpy. An AH data site developer who is refreshingly responsive.
  18. @wowjackspotwow-jackspot. French gold-maker who is on top of the trends.
  19. @XsinthisXsinthis. One of the greatest analytical minds in gold-making.
  20. @JokineeJokineeeeee. A gold-maker who thinks outside the box. Loves energy drink.
  21. @UndermineJrnlUndermine Journal. Bright. Consistent. Thoughtful. Brilliant.
  22. @kaliopellaneKaliope of Llane. Hardest working tradeskill reporter around.
  23. @georgewowGeorge Wow. Always happy. Always helpful. Always George.
  24. @JoshDJXJosh. One of the most wonderfully supportive gold-makers around.
  25. @warcrafteconOligopoly. Helps others spread their gold-making knowledge.
Which gold-making twitterers would you have added to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. i would have to highlight Croda from marketsforgold blog ( - though to be fair Croda only uses twitter to announce new posts on his blog or retweets.

  2. Rofl Jokinee things? Outside the box

  3. Well this post explains a lot lol

    And Awww, stop making me blush Flux!

    You do realize that my next post is gonna have to be bloody brilliant now >.> I mean like

  4. Nice compilation Flux!

    Might wanna add explicit tags by some of us.


  5. That was aimed at me wasn't it Cold? %^&* $%T&*@!$#% %^(*&^$# *%!&^$%@#$

    I came to the realization last week I can swear like a trucker lol (you haven't seen the worse of it in my twitter lol)

  6. @Unknown What those "things" are that Jokine does outside the box we don't want to know!

  7. @blakep Croda was *this* close to making it into the top 25 but missed it due to the reason you mentioned. The 25 are almost all very active on twitter hence why they made it on the list.

    @Xsinthis Any &@!%ing time my friend!

    @Cold >.<

  8. I was M.I.A. for the last 3 days and this happens, because internet died at work,=(, and I arrive today, whit a massive new wave of followers on Twitter and now I know why. =)
    This people you mention on this post,and many more, are now more important to me, that the actual game itself, I am loving every second I spend on Twitter whit you all.

  9. @R9sid9nt9vil got snubbed from the list, but is well worth a follow. And his Rep Grind Radio gold tips are spot on.