WoW Gold-Making Changes In Patch 4.3 Megapost

Another patch day means another Power Word: Gold Patch Megapost. Whether you live in  the EU or are stuck at work strap in and get your F5 keys ready. I've been sufficiently caffeinated and have appropriate patching/posting music. My ear's to the ground via twitter and a fire hose of RSS feeds. It's business time!

(If you want to chat with those who are poking the patch with a stick right now The Consortium's IRC chat is a great place to start.)

I'll be updating this post live as information comes in. As with any megapost the information will be posted as I find it and will likely not be the "prettiest" post you've ever seen. Enough jabber-jawing! Hop past the jump and let's get this show on the road!

I am logged into the game at the moment. Send me your Patch 4.3 questions via our @PowerWordGold twitter account or our Facebook page and I'll do my best to answer.

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011



  • "My boyfriend is no longer allowed to transmog." - @Faidtastic via twitter.
  • "Mods with updates so far: SUF, Auctionator, TSM, DBM, Addon Control Panel, Bartender" - @msherretz via twitter.
  • "@Alberthus99999 @xsinthis First, time to SHATTER MAELS!" - @msherretz via twitter.
  • "Dear Jesus, Tyrael's Charger would look so badass if it's wings fucking flapped..."  - @msherretz via twitter.
  • Maelstrom Shatter mentioned by @msherretz "Splits a Maelstrom Crystal into two Heavenly Shards." Available from the Stormwind and Orgrimmar enchanting trainers.

  • "Words of advice for young eager goblins on US servers atm. People need to get gear before they buy gems enchants. Patience :)" - @Sinshroud via twitter."
  • "Protip: buy at a slight loss today to help stymie your competition. Doesn't work for everyone but it's working for me so far." - @msherretz via twitter.
  • "OK, you can't put unique, stackable, or non-repaired stuff in void storage" - <Itzal> via The Consortium IRC chat.
  • "I've done one instance so far. And gotten 4 378 pieces." - <Serejai> via The Consortium IRC chat.
  • "I just had someone whisper me requesting a cut and saying "And don't expect a big tip because it's patch day or you're shit out of luck." Needless to say I feigned afk" - <Faid|Awesome> via The Consortium IRC chat.
  • "WTF CHAOS ORBS FOR 100G!!!!!" - @msherretz via twitter.
  • Could now be a good time to pick up a stockpile of under-priced newly Bind on Equip Chaos Orbs? Or will there prices remain low?
  • "Auctionator fixed again." - <Serejai> via The Consortium IRC chat.
  • "Don't forget about the SPriest Glyph!!!"- @msherretz via twitter.
  • "Quick Addon update: the Appraiser portion of Auctioneer is borking it. Auctionator is working great after update though!" - @msherretz via twitter.
  • "@msherretz Yeah my Auctioneer is acting all weird - Turned Appraiser off but the scans aren't going through..." - @Khalior via twitter.
  • Wowhead's Patch 4.3 Guide
  • @msherretz is talking about the Glyph of Shadow which is a new glyph that makes Shadow Priest's Shadow Form less transparent. This glyph is learned via Minor Inscription Research. The research uses Moonglow Ink. Might be an opportunity to put some on the AH for fairly high prices for lazy scribes to purchase. If the herbs to make Moonglow Ink are fairly cheap there is little risk in it.

  • I thought this was pretty awesome. <Lucidique_> in The Consortium IRC chat posted a link to the Patch 4.3.0 (undocumented changes) page on Wowpedia. Definitely a page to keep an eye on today. A few undocumented changes are listed below.
  • Priests - Characters under the effects of  [Levitate] no longer use their run animation when moving. (Not exactly gold related but pretty badass nonetheless.) *creepy creepin' to the AH* 
  • The Outland alchemy specialization quests (with Burning Crusade expansion mats) have been removed. The new ones (with Catalaclysm expansion mats) have been added to alchemy trainers.
  • Added some buttons to rotate and move your character in Character Info interface, including the dressing room.
  • Darkmoon Island has been added and will replace the Darkmoon Faire.
  • Found Enchant Bracer - Lesser Dodge on the enchanting trainer. Not sure if new or I just never learned for some reason. 
  • You might want to check your character's currency tab. My hunter was sitting at 4355 Justice Points. If the Valor Point to Justice Point conversion implemented during the patch puts you over 4000 Justice Points you won't be able to earn anymore until you spend them down below 4000.

  • The Bind on Equip bracers that were purchased for Valor Points in 4.2 are now purchasable for Justice Points.
  • The new bracers and boots purchased with Valor Points are all Bind on Equip and can be bought and sold. If you're not a raider now might be a good time to sell off those items to raiders looking to gear up faster by using their Valor Points on BOP slots.
  • My Plan To Make Gold In Patch 4.3 at Cold's Gold Factory. Great step-by-step advice for what to do as you hop into Patch 4.3.
  • If you're interested in watching prices for Sinister Squashlings be sure to check out AHSpy's global Sinister Squashling page. As of writing this the US average price (2,323 items) was ~2.5K gold. If you see them for significantly less you might consider picking them up for long term sale. The will only er more rare until next Hallow's End.
  • "All kinds of gems going for over 200g, I love #patchday!" - @third_torch via twitter.
  • Having issues with addons not working and don't know which of your out-of-date addons are causing the issues? Turn out-of-date off half a section of the the alphabet at a time. Turn off all out-of-date addons from A-M off. Try logging in. If that fixes the issue then turn the A-M addons back on then turn the M-Z addons off. If that fixes your issue they turn on M-Z on half at a time (M-S for example) until the problem returns. By steadily turning them on or off by half you can narrow it down fairly quickly. Hope that makes sense.
  • Sinister Squashlings were posted for 90-100g on my server. Bought them to hold onto them a while and raise the price a bit. Not expecting to sell many this close to Hallow's End but a good long-term investment.
  • Mogging sales seem to be picking up nicely for sellers who stocked up. 
  • "And like that (flash!), the Uncommon greens are flying off the AH. Overlord, Imbued and Commander's for 200g-500g a piece, 30+ sold" - @DEazeroth via twitter.

My Horde-side mogging stash.
  • Cut Cataclysm rare gems are now automatically stacking properly. Cut uncommon gems may still not stack automatically.

  • "Fav things about 4.3 so far - enchants fit in enchanting bag and transmute is 1.5 sec cast :)" - @formerruling via twitter.
  • Faid reported seeing a Queen's Garnet epic gem in her auction house for 20K. Time to check to see if they are trickling into the AH.
  • "Just sold a (Venomshroud Silk Robes) for 999g, nice pocket change for a low level green!" - @kaliopellane via twitter.
  • "@PowerWordGold epic gems indeed are trickling in between 7k and 20k here depending on color." - @formerruling via twitter.
  • "25k in transmog gear sales and still going strong. A few epics but the majority are green armors flipped from 10-25g to 200-500g" - @DEazeroth via twitter.
  • "@PowerWordGold bold,delicate and brillliant infurno rubys going for 350g each and cant keep enough on the AH leg armors going for 1500g" - @AlaskaSkyPilot via twitter.
  • More of my own mogging success. I sold a Crystalforged War Axe for 675g. This is a good sign as I have 5 more stored up to sell.
Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011

  • I have to be wondering if this is the patch the kills Auctioneer for good. She's been a good work horse for all these years but is it time for us to all move on to newer and more actively updated addons like TSM and Auctionator or will Auctioneer sputter back to life for another patch?
  • I am doing the Obsidium Shuffle to get raw uncommon gems to sell especially Carnelians and Jasper (today's JC daily.) It's been a while since I shuffled but at least at this poine it is highly profitable. I was also able to buy out the other Obsidium Ore and jack the price up 3x.
(Oh yes. It is THAT time. Get to shufflin'!)

  • "Someone selling 397 Tailoring Pattern (Lavaquake Legwraps) in Trade already. Seller says they dropped on trash and they want 100k" - @Faidtastic via twitter.
  • Just cleaned out my bank into Void Storage. That has to be the most perfect use for Jeeves I've ever seen. Bank? Repairs? No problem! I now have 79 slots in my hunter's bank. I think he's gonna faint. He has had an absolutely full bank since TBC.

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