The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 021

Episode 021 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Faid bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from the last week.

In this week's episode we discuss the introduction of the bind-on-equip Guardian Cub pet available from the Blizzard Store, cooperating with glyph competition, low level gold-making and much more. And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 021 Show Notes
  • Music used in this episode:
  • Faid's Info:
  • flux's blog: Warcraft Looks.
  • 8:28 Guardian Cubs now available to players. Our thoughts on the RMT aspect as well as thoughts on how pricing may play out. As well as thoughts on the future of World of Warcraft. Free to Play? How will Titan affect World of Warcraft?
  • 32:53 Thank you to those who donated to Power Word: Gold. It means the world to us. Donate today!
  • 37:09 Break The Unrivalled Times by The Horror Cast from Cities of Deception
  • 37:49 Faid's recent experiences with WoW Trading Card Game (TCG) Bind on Equip mounts.
  • 43:06 Faid's thought on interacting with glyph competition as well as recent cooperative glyph selling experiments.
  • 1:00:51 flux talks about leveling alts for enjoyment and things he's learned about making gold at lower levels.
  • Thanks for listening!
UPDATE: If you're interested in watching Guardian Cub prices around the world check out AHSpy's new Guardian Cub Special Page which includes total amounts as well as average prices (so you can check how much you can "buy" from Blizzard for around the world).

Bonus Awesomeness - Faid's most recent Wow Gold Rush video: Glyphless Inscription

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  1. I had never even thought about you saying We before, and all of a sudden you mention it and the very next segment you say "we" no less than 4 times per sentence :p haha

    But I digress, I agree that cubs will be a fly by night thing that people don't care about in a week. It's not even in the same league as gold seller's prices so I don't think they were off base with their F.A.Q that said if someone wants to buy it to sale for in game gold they can and they like that vs. the person buying from a site, but it wasn't meant in any way to sneaky-compete with the gold sellers. I truly believe they were right in saying they just wanted to give people a chance to get it in game that don't have real money to spend

    BTW, it was Jimmy that had the whitelisting, and that entire cartel has dissolved on the server now, literally none of the people involved post gems anymore.

  2. '@PowerWordGold Interesting. 2k Cubs are on sale on US servers with a market price of 11k on average'

    2k Cubs - not 20k Cubs!
    Y u no quote me well ?
    Just kidding :)
    But yeah I got my info from the Undermine Journal (on Nov. 4th in the afternoon, for reference)

  3. Loved the show!

    Just wanted to chime in and tell this story. A couple months ago a rare Spectral Tiger showed up on my AH and I had enough gold to buy it! (220k) Clearly I used it. =D Since then, someone else saw I bought it before them and they're now in my Gem market. We talk a lot and are whitelist buddies on TSM now. =] That makes 2 peoeple I'm whitelisting in my Gem market, it's pretty nice. We often talk about some newbie in the market and 1 of them tries to get them out XD

    Anyways, I always enjoy the podcast. Keep it up Flux and Faid~ <3

    - JoshDJX

  4. @Khalior My new favorite place to track the Guardian Cub prices is the new special Guardian Cub page at AHSpy.

  5. O my 21 episode and I still didn't listen the first shame on me. :)

  6. @Alberthus99999 Feel free to skip the first one. ;) We've come a long way.

  7. Thanks for another fine episode.

    I've really enjoyed Faid's candid expression of her motivation and execution of several of her strategies, particularly her attitude towards her competitors.

    Looking foward to the next episode ;)

  8. Interesting money --> gold discussion @ the cubs. Im against micro transactions for various reasons. One of them being that i wanna play a game to beat it within the rules that exist in-game. Paying irl money for armor etc doesnt suite the way that im wired as a gamer at all!

    Faids glyph experience made me laugh. The cooperation sounds like it could become very interesting to follow. Update us on how things develop!