Introducing "The Power Word: Gold Chronicle" - The Latest Gold-Making News All In One Spot

I was laying in bed the other night and I had one of those ideas that literally keeps you up at night. I knew right then that no matter how late it was I had to get up and build what was in my head. The fruits of my labor are The Power Word: Gold Chronicle. (Read today's as well as yesterday's edition.)

The Power Word Gold Chronicle (or just "The Chronicle") is a special sub-section of Power Word: Gold ( providing the most recent gold-making posts from around the community in a simple newspaper-style layout. It has it's own RSS feed that runs completely separate from The Power Word: Gold's RSS feed so be sure you're subscribed to both. I plan to update The Chronicle multiple times a week.

Each edition of The Chronicle is hand laid out and will included many of the most up-to-date gold-making posts from around the community. While similar to automatically-generated gold-making news collections (most notibly the excellent news page at The Undermine Journal) and blogrolls exist (including our own) I think that The Chronicle will provide a nice quiet place to browse what the gold-making community is talking about at the moment.


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  1. Another great idea, flux! Will check it out when I have more time available.

  2. It looks good flux. Added to my blogroll!

  3. Any chance of an email subscription option?

  4. It might be just me thinking here, but like you mentioned above, The Undermine Journal already has we need two? Save the work bruddah.

    Folks can just as easily sign up to all the blogs feeds (which helps the bloggers) and get the same info with a full post, instead of a partial with links...amirite? or amiwrong?

    I am thinking's kinda like your Milestone page, Warcraft Econ has those reigns already. IMO, no need to double it when it's already done elsewhere.

    ****a hazy fog appears****

    As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see... PW:G Auctions next? A mix of TuJ and AHSpy? Say it isn't so...

    Flux, unless you are just doubling this for google juice, or to get more views, you are just making more work (even if it is RSS feed) for others and yourself, when there is no need.

    Continue with your posts, and don't worry about copying what the other sites do. You do just fine without all this extra "already done schtuff" you have been adding to your blog.

    Just my opinion, of course. Take it or leave it.

    Just another boring comment from Alto.

  5. @Xsinthis Great idea. I've added a "Subscribe Via Email" gadget in the upper right. Subscribe away!

  6. @Altolycus While I agree that similar things are available I'm really doing The Chronicle for selfish reasons. Those reasons are I want to keep up with the community in a more active way.

    Posts come and posts go. While auto-generated lists, RSS feeds and blogrolls are great they aren't a person sitting down and culling through what new and collecting them together.

    The Chronicle is a great way for new or lesser-known bloggers (who may not be part of TUJ's syndicated link or many gold-bloggers blog rolls) to get noticed. A good example is Jackpot who was added to the Directory today. I was able to add their recent post to today's edition of the Chronicle.

    While I won't take your bait of saying it's "just another flux ripoff luls" all I will say is what could it possibly harm?

    I am not doing it for "google juice" (whatever the hell that is). I'm simply presenting people who may not otherwise take the time to look at all the gold blogs out there a chance to find an interesting post or two and go to those blogs to read the whole post.

    If you notice there are 2 post links and 1 blog link in every summary. I want people to go read the posts on the original blogs.

    Not everyone does things for selfish reasons. Sometimes people do things because it's a great idea. I'd love it if you liked reading The Chronicle. If it's not your cup of tea I can't really help that.

  7. Yea I like how you include some of the lesser blogs flux, TUJ's syndication doesn't move to fast, you probably process double the amount of posts TUJ does

  8. I don't follow the Gold Making community at all anymore, but I do still keep Flux on my Google+ for this reason.

    Flux always has great ideas and this really is pretty smart. TuJ is doing something like this but who cares. It's not like the gold bloggers don't copy eachother already. Let the haters hate Flux.

    I say take this and run with it Flux. There is ZERO debate that in the WOW Gold making community Flux is working harder than almost everyone. He's always brewing up new plans and ideas.