For-Pay WoW "Gold Guide" Obliterated By Faid

Watch as Faid (from Nerf Faids) completely obliterates the credibility of this for-pay "gold guide". (Also check out Faid's corresponding blog post.)

All I could think after watching Faid's video was get 'em a body bag.

Unfortunately there will be people out there who will be suckered into buying guides like this. Thanks to Faid's hard work I know I won't have to worry about any of our readers falling into such a trap.

If any of our readers have felt ripped off by a gold guide that they have paid real money for be sure let us know via email ( or in the comments below.

If any of our readers are new to gold-making and are looking for a good solid starter guide be sure to check out our 100% free guide "The Power Word: Gold Guide - Free".

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  1. I actually stopped looking at JMTC months ago after the average post cycle was "Markco" pimping some new pay-guide and/or site mixed between 2-3 poorly written (even by my low standards!) guest posts which was usually either horrible advice or a troll going "Do the shuffle for Moneyz, lol - Hey look at me I was posted on JMTC"

    I have found some entertainment in all the talk of Markco bullying people into borderline illegal affiliate linking "deals", etc etc etc but never really cared.

    That being said I stumbled onto this from Alto actually whom followed me on Twitter so I followed back and caught a tweet like an hour or so ago to his funny post pimping this review. It's really quite funny - I sub to Faid on Youtube anyway.

    What is even BETTER though is when I visited the actual WoWCrusher post on JMTC..and the comments read like the reviews section of a scam app on the App Store. Hundreds of fake accounts pimping 5 star reviews, mixed in with a few people that fell for the scam, and ever once in awhile someone trying to be noble and say its a scam and getting outvoiced lol..

  2. Theruling,

    I feel you. I too have seen the unnamed accounts saying how well it is. Even the .coms that link to the WoWCrusher page. True blue salesman there...good or bad, he is making an absolute killing in RL gold...Farmville Secrets? Yeah. Millions off of that site indeed.

  3. i will be interested to see where this all goes or if it merely dies down. i have yet to see a response from the author?

  4. @croda: I posted the video on JMTC's advertisement post about the "guide." They have comment moderation set up so whoever is moderating them saw the video and chose not to show it. I have a feeling they're not going to talk about it. If they did issue a response it would cause their readers to go look at the video and realize what a scam it is.

  5. This makes me go a big rubbery one in my pants.