Sinister Squashling: Trick or Treat?

As reported by Cold there is a chance the Sinister Squashling may become Bind of Equip (BOE) in patch 4.3. If this does indeed happen then there will be a market for selling the pet on the auction house.

Read on past the jump to find out more about preparing to profit from this potential change.

Last Days

Today marks the last day you have to obtain of these pets until next Hallow's End. If you have time to kill today you might want to spend it going around to all the inns around Azeroth and completing the "Candy Bucket" quests.

The "Handful of Treats" you get from completing the quest (along with 8 gold 27 silver) have a chance to contain the Sinister Squashling. As Cold stated in his post the value of these pets will likely go up the further we get away from Hallow's End.

If you are a pet collector trick or treating at the candy buckets is also a nice way to get the 150 Tricky Treats to purchase the Feline Familiar pet. It's a black cat with a witch hat that flies on a broom!

All Hallow's End Merchandise 50% Off! 

I am going to be using flight paths to get to inns on some of my lower level characters on my alt servers to try to obtain Squashlings to sell later as a way to build up seed capital. (It's also a nice easy way to get some easy XP.)

If the Sinister Squashlings do indeed become BOE I will be watching the market and setting the price fairly high (750+ gold) to start and maintaining that price until the market catches up with it.

Now go do some trick or treating.

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  1. I think I've deleted about 15 of these so far. :-(

  2. I can't imagine buying one of these. Ever. You know how many of these things I've deleted over the span of 5 characters and hundreds of candy buckets?

    I suppose it's a safe bet there will be a market for it for *someone*.

  3. >As reported by Cold there is a chance the Sinister Squashling may become Bind of Equip (BOE) in patch 4.3.

    This would be easy enough to test if you have the BoP version currently. Just copy your toon to the PTR and see if it becomes BoE. Alternatively you could compare the itemid's on the test realm and the live realms. If they match, then the item will become BoP in 4.3.