Reader Gold Milestone - Snnowman Hits 550K

Today's guest post was written by reader Snnowman of the Frostmane server. If you would like to write a guest post for Power Word: Gold contact us at

What started as a way to fund my many alts ended in a quest for more.

I got on my gold making kick off and on during Wrath of the Lich King. I wanted the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth so, like anyone else without direction, turned to farming. I sit at the keyboard grinding countless mobs for a few greens and Frostweave Cloth thinking their has to be a better way. Read how after the jump.

Do The Shuffle

With my army of alts I turned to JMTC forums and sites like Tarou Wow Guides and was blown away by the amount of gold people were making.

I started using jewelcrafting to make gems doing the saronite shuffle and tailoring for making bags and leg armors. I made a few leather working leg armors as well as making glyphs, rune scrolls, and selling snowfalls with my scribe. By Cataclysm I was at the old-school gold cap of 214K.

Snnowman sporting a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth.

To One Million and Beyond

I am now at 550K from selling casually in Cataclysm. My plans for future gold-making is to hit the new 1 million gold cap. I plan to sell tailoring, leather, and blacksmith pvp sets. I will also be selling gems, enchants, spell threads, leg armors, and flasks in patch 4.3.

I assume that a lot more players will be raiding and requiring tons more consumables. At the current time I'm stockpiling tons of mats hoping I can turn about 100-200k.

As a side note I enjoy the Power Word: Gold blog/podcast from my iPhone at work or PC at home. It brings laughter to my otherwise boring day.

-Snnowman, Frostmane

Thank you Snnowman for sharing your wonderful gold-making milestone with all of us. 550K is a tremendous accomplishment and one that takes real dedication. Here's to your 1M+!

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