Going Into Low Power Mode

Owing to current and upcoming real-life circumstances as well as a recent decline in my available World of Warcraft playtime I've decided to put Power Word: Gold into a sort of "Low Power" mode for now.

This means posting will be done on an "as needed" basis. When something strikes my fancy or I feel is important to the readership I'll post.

The podcast will also be done on an "as needed" basis. I won't be doing podcasts on a regular schedule but instead putting them together as needed.

I will still be reading other gold-making blogs as well as maintaining The World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory and the Community Gold-Making Milestones. If you have a gold-making blog with 6+ posts and want to be added to the Directory or have a gold-making milestone you'd like added please send me an email at

I don't have any definite timeline on when Power Word: Gold may shift back into "Full Power" mode but when that time comes I'll be sure to let everyone know. Until then you'll still be hearing from me from time to time.

I plan to stay fairly active on twitter and facebook for now so please feel free contact me there with any questions, comments, news or info.


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  1. I agree in such a niche subject as 'Gold Making in WoW' its increasingly harder to come up with 2 hours of compelling content weekly or bi-weekly after you are mature enough to have covered most timeless basics. You start to have to become a general WoW podcast to compensate.

    4.3 (a few days after) would be the next big announcement I think. I hope to get a podcast t hen.

  2. Sorry to hear this, throughly enjoy PWG, it's up there with the Instance for me! Still I have to agree it's not easy to come up with content on this subject week after week. I'll continue to follow your interesting twitter posts and keep my fingers crossed for podcasts!

  3. Do what's best for you. The game will be around and so will the folks that support you for being you.

    Life time supporter!

  4. @GrayzBDF Thanks as always Grayz!