Epic Gem Design Info From The PTR

Image source: MMO Champion. (Click to Enlarge)
Thanks to out twitter peep @GavinNeilGray for tipping us off that MMO Champion is reporting new information from the PTR about where the epic gem designs may come from in Patch 4.3. Regular epic cut designs will cost (5) Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token (the current tokens received from doing Jewelcrafting dailies).

We also know more about the Tome of Burning Jewels. It will also be sold by the vendors and cost (4) Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens. I will allow the discovery of a random epic gem pattern. Follow after the jump where I give my thoughts on the new info.

Same As It Ever Was

So Blizzard has decided to to the normal route of introducing the epic gem designs in the traditional way. If the designs are this easy to obtain will the gems be hard to obtain or have I been giving Blizzard too much credit for how "creative" they might be with the introduction of epic gems?

I'd imagine many people will utilize the specific (5) token patterns at first and switch to (4) token tomes after then have the "important" cuts (namely the red agility, strength and intellect cuts).

While this should go without saying any jewelcrafters out there wanting to work in the epic gem market should make an effort to do their jewelcrafting daily every day.

Also note that the price of Chimera Eyes may go up a bit as almost every jewelcrafter will likely be saving (and then utilizing) the vast majority  of their jewelcrafter tokens on epic gem cuts. If you have any Chimera Eyes in your sales inventory don't sell them too cheap before the patch.


If these features go live then we are in for a fairly straight-forward system for acquiring epic gem designs. The real question will be are the gems going to be fairly easy to obtain or will Blizzard make any sort of "barrier to entry" for obtaining epic gems. Now if we only had more information about how the new epic gem transmute recipes are obtained.

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  1. As I feared in last comments there goes any reason for me to worry about epic gems. Will buy the cuts I need for characters and dump the rest of my tokens most likely. In wrath the uncut almost always sold higher or the same as cuts. :/ and here I wished to do something beyond my daily transmute with epics lol

  2. Uncuts are definitely, definitely not going to sell higher than cuts considering the absurd number of tokens you have to have to get the more obscure (and still important) patterns, like resil/spell pen, mastery/parry, etc.

    I sell Fine Ember Topazes (mastery/parry) for literally 2.5x the price of Ember Topazes (30g vs 75g).

    Sell them uncut if you want, but I'll just buy them, cut them, and make a profit.

  3. @Simca Different server, a power word gold trademark I think lol.

    5 isn't "absurd" considering we've had the greater part of the expac just sitting on tokens. If you don't have 100+ tokens you have been slacking on dailies something fierce, and 20 patterns covers even the most obscure cuts that are decent. Reds/Purples were cut for a loss in Wrath on my server. More specialized cuts were cut for a 30-50g profit tops, and that was mostly ate up by deposit costs because they just didn't sale like the popular cuts.

  4. @Theruling & @Simca I work in the raw market by choice. On my server the price for raw vs. cut rare gems was always negligible.

    I like working in rares because they are easier to stock, price and sell. Depending on what happens with the source of alch epic xmutes I'll most likely do the same with epic gems.

    I just like being able to control the raw prices and it works on my server.