What Makes a Mogging Item Worth Selling?

With mogging coming in Patch 4.3 many of us have been talking about the potential of items increasing in value due to their desirability as transmogrification items. Today's reader question asks how we should be determining which items to pick up now for resale after Patch 4.3.

While the mogging market is still a theory at this stage that doesn't mean we prepare to reap profits from players wanting to acquire weapons and armor that look great. Follow us after the jump where we discuss what attributes to look for in potential mogging items.

Reader Question:

Hello PW:G 
I have a quick question.  A fellow guildie and I have a small wager on how much can be made via mogging market.  I think quite a bit can be made with some smart decisions but I've never really been into the AH or gold making at all so I want to make sure I have some of the basics right. 
I believe I do from what I've read on the blog so far. 
For example, I just picked up Avool's Sword of Jin of the AH for 400gold.  Before I bought it, I jumped over to Wowhead to check it's drop rarity and the uniqueness of it's model.  As it shares no model with any other item (currently available anyway) and it's a rare world drop I decided 400 gold is cheap to buy now to resell later at a profit. 
Given this example and process would you say I'm safe to generally go by this statement? 
Make AH buys based not only the uniqueness of the model but the rarity that it can be had?


I think you have all the basics of selling mogging items. The one thing I'd add to the equation is how "awesome" or "iconic" an item looks. Uniqueness helps make it desirable and rarity helps keep competition at bay by limiting the supply. Coolness factor, while a lot more subjective, will have a lot more to do with the ability to sell something. 
When someone is searching the auction house they will be using the dressing room to check how items look on them. The cooler an item looks the more likely they are to pay the price you are asking. Uniqueness alone won't matter if the item looks uninspiring or "common". 
The "coolness" factor is something that will be subjective to each and every player making it harder to quantify. This is where our gut instinct kicks in. Think of the weapon or armor item and think hard about what classes use it and how likely someone is to want to pay gold to have the item look. 
The main thing I would caution is to work with items that are relatively inexpensive. I'm not putting more than 200g or so into any one item. This is definitely something that has potential to make gold but at this point that is all it is, potential. It's up to us to navigate our way in (indeed shape) this new market. 
Hope that helps. 


We've done quite a few posts recently trying to get our heads around not only which items to pick up as potential mogging sales but also why these items are good candidates. The more we work at the problem and understand the market the more potential for profit we will create.

Once Patch 4.3 hits we should be able to get a more clear picture of what items deserve a permanent place in our flipping lists. Until then it's up to us to put our heads down and do our homework.

What items are you stocking up on and why?

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