Recommended One-Handed Swords To Sell For Mogging

Today's guest post was written by Keelhaul who runs the blog Disenchanting Azeroth (Twitter: @DEazeroth). If you're interested in writing a guest post for Power Word: Gold please contact us at

Today we are going to be listing the one-handed swords we recommend for purchase cheaply before patch 4.3 in order to flip for a profit after patch 4.3 and transmogrification come into the game.

Many of these items can be found on the auction house now for very low prices. I have The Undermine Journal email alerts set up for many of these items and have been picking them up often between 50-100 gold. (The max I recommend you paying for these pre-4.3 is around 200 gold.)

Head past the jump for the recommended one-handed swords list.

Two Points of Caution

1) Beware investing in BoEs that have questionable "stats".  If it only has an on-hit effect, I'm not sure we have 100% assurance from Blizzard that it qualifies as an "item with stats".  Great example here is the Blade of Wizardry and Teebu's Blazing Longsword.  If they qualify, you've got potential record-setters.  If they don't, you've got flashlights.  The irony here is I only just realized the Singing Crystal Axe that I was touting a month ago carries the same risk.  Yet I've sold two, who knows...

2) I noted your earlier post from a reader who was excited to get the Avool's Sword of Jin.  I would caution against spending over the threshold you mentioned (200 gold) on items that have routinely been on and off the AH since Wrath.  Yes, it's visually very unique and is a one-of-a-kind.  But like the Crystalforged War Axe from TBC, it simply may not appeal to a broad enough audience because players may have model fatigue from seeing it all the time.  We just don't know, so I would caution against going over the threshold flux has recommended.

Recommended One-Handed Swords

Have potential, but invest wisely:
1) Blade of Wizardry
2) Teebu's Blazing Longsword (Same model as Blade of Wizardry.)
3) Hope Ender
3) Avool's Sword of Jin
4) Bloodrazor

Blade of Wizardry/Teebu's Blazing Longsword (Click to Enlarge)

Hope Ender  (Click to Enlarge)

Avool's Sword of Jin (Click to Enlarge)

Bloodrazor (Click to Enlarge)

Worth grabbing:
1) The Butcher

What to avoid: (Don't be deceived by epics with too many similar models.)
1) Krol Blade
2) Blinkstrike
3) Dazzling Longsword
4) Felsteel Longblade

1) Everything else


Thanks as always to Keelhaul for applying his expert knowledge and analysis to the subject of BOE one-handed swords. Working through all the models in the game is no easy task. If you would details on all one-handed swords in the game be sure to check out his post "One-Handed Swords: Avoiding the Red Ocean" on Disenchanting Azeroth.

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  1. I have to say my fav all time 1 handers are:

    blazing Rapier - beacuse looking like a musketeer with a fiery sword is 1337!

    Phantom blade, because it was the coolest 1 handed in vanilla imo :P

    Dark Iron Reaver - Its a urhaki sword from Lord Of the Rings...Kinda

  2. do you know if weapon specific properties are maintained when using it for transmog..
    for example the phantom blade was worn on the back, will the weapon affected with the phantom model also be worn on the back then?

  3. @Terdle I don't know for sure but I would assume and hope so. 1H items that sheath on back are pretty awesome. I would assume if the game is using the "mogged from" item model it should attach at same place as the original. We'll find out in 4.3.