One-Handed Mace Mog Flipping Recommendations

Today's guest post was written by Keelhaul who runs the blog Disenchanting Azeroth (Twitter: @DEazeroth). If you're interested in writing a guest post for Power Word: Gold please contact us at

Today we are going to be listing the one-handed maces we recommend for purchase cheaply before patch 4.3 in order to flip for a profit after patch 4.3 and transmogrification come into the game.

Many of these items can be found on the auction house now for very low prices. I have The Undermine Journal email alerts set up for many of these items and have been picking them up often between 50-100 gold. The max I recommend you paying for these pre-4.3 is around 200 gold.

Head past the jump for the recommended one-handed mace list.

Recommended One-Handed Maces

Some nice novelty items that could be sold via barking, but overall weak.

Novelty items that will likely require barking:
1) Excavator's Brand
2) Oggleflint's Inspirer (See also Petrified ShinboneEbony Boneclub and Stonevault Bonebreaker)
3) Anvilmar Hammer (See also Driftwood Club)

Excavator's Brand (Click to Enlarge)

Oggleflint's Inspirer (Click to Enlarge)

Anvilmar Hammer (Click to Enlarge)

Potential PvP item:
1) Glorious Scepter (use a barking angle of low profile, "DON'T stand out on the battlefield")

Glorious Scepter (Click to Enlarge)

Have potential, but invest wisely:
1) Mug O'Hurt (if Brewfest wasn't so current, I would have ranked this higher)
2) Tankard O' Terror (same as above)

What NOT to buy: (Don't be deceived by these epics that look too much like everything else.)
1) Ardent Custodian
2) Hammer of the Northern Wind
3) Hand of Edward the Odd
4) Persuader
5) Runic Hammer
6) The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min

1) Everything else


Big thanks to Keelhaul for continuing this series of recommended items to pick up for mog flipping. If you are interested in the underlying principles of World of Warcraft aesthetics be sure to check Keelhaul's blog Disenchanting Azeroth. If you would like more insight into the process Keelhaul used to choose which one-handed maces to recommend for mog flipping see his post "One-Handed Maces: Avoiding the Central Mass".

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