Good Morning! (Or Could It Be Evening?)

Today's guest post was written by Alyzande from The Gold Queen. Today's Power Word: Gold post can be found over on Epidermuss' blog Wragstoriches.

Timing is everything.  It has always been the key between making lots of gold and making LOTS of gold.  Know when to buy and when to sell.

Buy your raw materials at the weekend.  Raw materials are those that come from the wild, plucked from the ground or monster corpses.  I'm talking about all the ores, herbs, and cloth types.  It is no secret that player numbers increase at the weekends and with more players comes higher supply and thus lower prices. To cut a long story short buying your ore and herbs at the weekend can shave 20% off the normal prices.

Being a gold gamer though takes our focus to selling. Certain items sell at different times of the day and different times of the week (almost entirely) due to the numbers of target buyers online. Epic Bind of Equip (BOE) items change dramatically.  Last weekend my Treads of the Craft sold for 30,000 gold.  During the weekday evening their prices are 21,000 gold buyout. They cost me 18,000 gold to make with leatherworking.  I prefer the 12,000 gold profit to the 3,000 gold . I'm sure agree.

Raid times are early evening until midnight (a little longer for hardcore raiders). Between the hours of school finishing until raid starting players are eager to stock up with raid food and flasks and will pay extra to make sure they have exactly what they need.

After a raid players come jumping into the auction house full of glee with their new shiny items ready to enchant and gem them.  Both enchants and gems sell nicely at other times but fly off the shelves as fast as you can restock after the raids finish.

The final interesting time I've noticed is that leveling gear (greens with good stats) sell quickly and steadily at a low price at the weekend in a market catering to casual gamers. In the weekday those stats must be absolutely perfect because your target market is the alts of more hardcore players who will pay extra for an item which will last longer.

Have you noticed a particular time when your items sell very well or considerably slower?

Writer and Tea-Maker,

Thanks to Alyzande for providing our guest post today. Like any goblin worth their weight in explosives will tell you: "Time is money friend!". If you would like to learn more about participating in post exchanges with other gold-making bloggers contact Gimp from GimpsGold.

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