The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 017

Episode 017 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Jokine bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from this last week. In this week's episode we discuss how we've been making gold this week, Darkmoon Cards, transmogrification, auction house data sites for the EU and much more. And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 017 Show Notes

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    1. Hi
      I like your podcast very much, but may I give you a couple of suggestions?

      Please drop the Finn, Jokine. His english intonation and diction is atrocious! Almost unintelligible. I'm a Norwegian myself, and even I get ashamed and embarrased by his english.

      Also, your blog is a WoW Gold blog. But in your feature about The Underminee Journal, Jokine akts like he's never heard about TUJ? Howcome? Shouldn't you atleast have persons on the podcast who nows something about the WoW gold comunity? Or atleast has some knowledge about addons/WoW web pages?

      Please drop Jokine. Please?

    2. I don't know anything about TUJ because it used to be only for US users. I guess alot of EU players have no clue how to use TUJ, thats why its pretty important to talk about it.

      I find my english decent but I wouldn't start calling it ''im norweigan and even im embaressed'' If you didnt know, your language is very similar to english unlike finnish which has nothing to do with that language.

      Anyways, I may be answering to troll post but I know other blogs/gold related sites which were useful to me earlier. TUJ is great resource but why bothering to learn it if its not avaible to you. Now it is and now I use it, maybe not for greatest extend but using it.

      BTW. Before you start calling out my bad english, drob the typos ^^

      If you don't like the podcast, post something informative, troll better and learn to write before pointing out my verbal flaws. If you hate me why you keep listening to the podcast? Im pretty much the other half of it.

      You can laugh at home ''trololololed''. Anyways aslong as people listening to the podcast, I don't bother to keep doing it.

      Nice to get some hate mail for a change. 1/5 troll

      Instead of this post, I could had just posted ''U jelly?''

    3. @Fjelljeger I completely disagree with your comments. You are entitled to your opinion but I doubt many people who listen to the podcast would agree with you.

      Perhaps you can record an MP3 gild tip for the podcast and you can show all of us how someone from Scandinavia speaks "proper" English.

    4. Ok, I know I'm biased but I like Jokinee's accent & his sense of humour. I think the chit chat between him & Flux is one of the best aspects of the whole show. I'm British & I'm humbled by Jokinee's ability to not only speak a foreign language but to express ideas & even make subtle jokes. I learnt German & French at school - but I can only book a hotel room, order a meal etc - express ideas/thoughts, make jokes - no way.

      As for the TUJ thing - I'm a wow millionaire now & I've never used TUJ until this week so I would have shown even less knowledge if I'd been on the show. Does that make the knowledge I do have, useless? No - it just makes me similar to many hundreds if not thousands of EU gold makers who are just starting to find out what the Americans have been raving about for ages and Flux is wise enough to realise that he has a large EU listener base who perhaps are fed up with all the US blogs saying 'use TUJ'.

    5. @Fjelljeger Just a follow up to my previous comment as I've had time to think a bit more about it. While I am glad you like the show and hope you are getting some good information from it I'd guess you are a new listener.

      While I may be wrong I guess I see things differently from yourself. Jokine is such an integral part of the podcast I highly doubt I would have made it past a few shows without him.

      The fact that you are from a similar region of the world I would assume you would have no problems understanding him as you (more than anyone including myself) would have plenty of communication with people from Finland.

      That said If you have listened to the podcast for any length of time you'd understand not only that we've talked about TUJ being US only many many times including Jokine getting on my case for talking about it so much.

      I can't do anything about your ability to understand someone else's speech. In the 6 months we've been doing the show you and the person mentioned in Episode 017 are the first time I've ever heard anyone complain about Jokine's speech. Compare that to the hundreds of positive comments, tweets and feedback I've received about not only the podcast but about Jokine's part in the podcast specifically and I guess you can see why I wouldn't put much stock in your comment.

      Again you are entitled to your opinion. As long as feedback is constructive and not belligerent I welcome it.

      My previous request for you to send in an MP3 gold tip (not gild tip..silly iPhone) was sincere. We've love to hear you share your gold-making wisdom with the listeners.

      Jokine's not going anywhere.

    6. just to get back to the podcast. I found it a bit draggy if that is a word. Too much on some things and too little Gold Making info. I chalk it up to the month off, the older podcasts were more directed to the central theme. Looking forward to next show


    7. Unknown is right. Yes we did announce that we don't have alot to share becuase not much have happend due prices drobbing alot and no new patches/hot fixes. I think i could try to figure something out for next weeks podcast (we do not make a next episode this saturnday but the next one)

    8. Ok. Flux, if I may, I’ll come with this reply.

      First. “Yksi”. Jokene. I don’t hate you! Why should I hate you just because of bad English? I don’t hate neither you nor any Finns. We Norwegians loves you Finns! Hate doesn’t enter into this discussion.

      Second. “Kaksi”. I don’t take corrections of typos (“drob the typos“ sic.) from you, Jokene. You’re the one with the typos. I’ll stand corrected if it comes from Flux being American, but not from you. I see my typos in my first comment; and I’ll correct them now: embarrased = embarrassed, Underminee = Undermine, atleast = at least, nows = knows, comunity = community. I’ll take the rap for these typos on behalf of me being a Norwegian. But, again, typos also doesn’t enter into this discussion.

      Now. What I meant by commenting on the episode 17 podcast, was that your bad English is severely detracting from the content of the podcast. I get so distracted listening to you, that I loose half of the transmission! Yes, I could turn it off, not listening to the podcast, but why? Wouldn’t that be like chastising the originator of the podcast, Flux? I like listening to him. He’s very articulate, and interesting to listening to, but to turn off Flux’s show, just because of you? No way!

      You, Jokene, said in the beginning of episode 17, that you only take constructive criticism. Well, I think I was constructive to the show by suggesting to Flux to drop you, and thus heighten the verbal quality of the podcast. Yes, I know, it’s subjective and personal, but I can’t avoid that when it’s your English intonation and diction which is so atrocious. Tough luck!

      Third. “Kolme”. The Undermine Journal. It started with US realms, and all of us EU WoW gold makers eagerly awaited for the TUJ to go EU. We prepared for the launch day. And it took us 5 mins to set it up and understand its workings. Knowledge is everything, even when you can’t use it immediately.

      Fourth. “Neljä”. Flux, I’m no novice listening to WoW podcasts. I’ve listened to most of yours, and a lot of Auction House Junkies, Call To Auction, and JMTC meetings. I only point out that if you make a public podcast you should at least make it intelligible to us listeners. And, no you don’t want to hear my spoken English, it’s almost as bad as Jokenes, but I don’t make public podcasts - I know my limitations... Also, I don’t speak or understand Finnish. Finnish is a “Finno-Ugric” language, very different from Norwegian. Swedish or Danish? No problem, as they are akin to Norwegian. But I guess, Jokene, I’ll be like a “Tuntematon Sotilas” in this matter :-)

      Finally. Again, Jokine, I don’t hate you. If you got that impression out of my comment, then I do apologize to you sincerely and utterly. And, Flux, some constructive criticism, drop the Finn...

      Ah, yes. You’ll all have to excuse me trolling - I’m from Norway you now. Land of the trolls ;-)

      PS. Any typos? Tell me :-)

    9. @Fjelljeger Your feedback has been noted.

    10. Atleast now you made a proper answer why. I still don't get it. Sure i have an acsent but not that bad that it wouldn't be understandable. If you've heard finnish politicians speak english you wouldnt even bother.

      If you've listened only episode 17 then i suggest you to listen all the previous ones, and compare them all from the first to the last.

      Sure the last one didnt have much content because of the vacation and not much have happend to us. Remember this isn't a offical podcast for everything people report to us, this isn't mmo-champion. This is gold making podcast which is limited to our fans and our own ideas.

      Sure not anyone else had problem with my acsent and my everyday english learning while i try to get new words. Technical terms for example to gold making and talking about it pretty much ''freestyling'' isnt the easiest thing to do

      I'm not that kind of person who will puss out just because I can't be perfect. It doesen't bother me and well i guess you are the first one (to admit it) that it bothers someone.

      I know and flux knows that the first podcasts he did by himself weren't as good as we do now together. Im pretty happy to the quality and we have improved since the first episode together.

      So in short message if you want to go ''Lol didn't read'': Im still other half of the podcast and i can't understand how you can like the podcast but not my english or my idea (which ever it is) If its only the english and not the content or jokes thats bothering you then its just your own obsession of my irritating acsent or whatever.

      Anyways its your own opinion and this time you did a constructive post about it. I have to accept it but im sorry to say that the podcast isn't the same if me or flux drob out. Its different and i don't have any plans leaving yet, neither does flux i guess.

      PS: wall of text

    11. Woah. When I was bored looking in iTunes for WoW related podcasts to add to the few I listen too I happened across PW:G. If it had not been for a comment at the time (there were only a few) that suggested to skip to Episode 3 I probably would have heard Episode 1 and passed, but I made it to the third episode and am glad I did. The banter between Jokine and Flux especially in those first few casts together really was the glue the show needed.

      The show could just be 1-2 plain American guys talking about the price of Diamonds this week or how they think you should stockpile Pixie Sticks for the next patch, but I think the inclusion of other nationalities and the conversations formed around that add a lot to the show. Plus I love British accents and there are plenty of British guests.

      ANYWAY, It is pronounced the second way Ther-ulnig not The-ruling. One day I may explain the embarrassing truth behind the name. I've used that tag since about 2003. It is typically easier for people to say Ruls, especially in WoW where I choose a naming scheme for my characters to all include "Rul".

    12. I swear you and jokine think the same exact way i do when making gold. I wish i had more time, or effort to make a gold cap some day. Volatile air, BOE's from old raids, and im telling ya since i only have 1 toon right now i been buying fish/meat/cards and making buff food. Shuffling for gems and enchant mats works well for me too.

    13. Thanks for the shoutout! One of the few podcasts I still listen to (WoW or otherwise). I'll be sending some people over here since we're still working on the code problems at our site.

    14. @Oligopoly Sounds good. Sorry to hear about the problems. That stinks.

      We got a post up today with our take on the epic gem news so they'll have something to read. ;)

    15. The tired two haha. Jokinee you sound like you just woke up during the first 20 minutes. Lovely attitude. You got long hair? I can visualize you with a manga hair due in this show haha.

      My thoughts on the constructive criticism:
      Accents vary. Deal with it or move on, even if you enjoy a podcaster very much. I know i'd ditch the show if I just had something that disturbed me way too much time and time again.

      TUJ was available in EU before I quit and I didn't use it simply because it deterred from what I enjoyed doing; Making gold in-game or chat about gold making with fellow gold makers. My mind simply can't let go of the feeling that I can choose between using TUJ or learn stocks and trading. None of the two really interest me and as such I effectively choose to lose gold, but i'd rather lose gold and have fun elsewhere than use a tool simply because everyone else does it. I'm not Jokinee, but i'd guess that he has a little different view on TUJ compared to many other gold makers.

      One fact remains though, effective gold makers have various strategies for making gold. Jokinee was good at arbitrage (episode 4+) if you remember, so if he lacks knowledge in one department he most likely makes up for it in another; That's just how many of thinking gold makers roll.

      I won't dig deeper into this hole, but I had to say something since Jokinee is my Finnish meatbawl tossing bro. And now on with the show!