Soloing Firelands Raid Trash For Profit by Paintsatrick

Today's guest post was written by Power Word: Gold reader (and trash farmer extraordinaire) Paintsatrick. If you have a gold-making guest post you'd like to write for Power Word: Gold contact us at

World of Warcraft Patch 4.2 has released a great deal for each and every player of World of Warcraft (no matter your interests in game are). For the raider, casual or otherwise Firelands (the new tier of raiding) is now available. Learn about this new raid and how to use it to your advantage after the jump.

Mo' Epics. Mo' Money.

With a new patch usually comes new gear and upgrades throughout and this means new BoEs for us to buy on the auction house. Most of these new epics drop from the trash in Firelands and by this point players on your are most probably running trash runs to farm these epics. “WTB 1 tank and 2 dps for FL trashrunz MS>freeroll” is an example of a spam you may see in trade for people looking to get a group together to gear up on epics. At this point you may be saying to yourself “Ok. I’ve seen these so what and...uhhh...why are you posting this on a gold blog?” Let me explain.

I don’t look at these epics as a way to gear up my character but instead a way to make gold from others who would rather buy them instead of spend time farming them. (As a side note 1 out of 10 odds of winning a drop roll is definitely not as good as 1 out of 1 odds.)  I am going to explain to you how to farm these BoE epics from firelands solo.

Soloing Requirements

What you need to do this is one of the following classes: Hunter, Deathknight or Mage (like me lulz!).  (I've heard rumors that both a Shaman and a Warlock can solo this but seeing as I have not done or witnessed either of these classes do it first hand I can not vouch for them.)  Also you will need a raid ID that has downed the first boss Shannox (which should not be hard to find as he was recently nerfed).

The mobs are killed in an "aoe-kite" like fashion. While I have only done packs of turtles and scorpions myself thus far I've seen both Hunters and DKs do the packs of hounds. The skills for each class you need are Chilblains and Unholy Presence for DKs. Concussive Barrage and interchanging Aspects of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Fox for DPS and run speed on a Hunter.

Mages will be using Blast Wave. While is not all you may use this is all that is necessary. Additionaly (for instance) speccing in Impact stuns, 100% Scorch mana reduction, Scorch while moving, and blinking in tight spots is also used on many occasions to solo this Firelands trash.

In the video at the beginning of this post you can see me soloing the Firelands trash as a Mage (unfortunately nothing dropped this time however /sadface).

Enjoy and good luck!! -Paintsatrick

Thanks so much Paintsatrick for taking the time so share your knowledge of how to get started soloing Firelands Raid Trash for epic drops. I may give this a go if I'm feeling brave. I look forward to our readers trying this out. If you give this a go please let us know how it goes in the comments. -flux

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  1. awesome article! i want to try this on my 'lock!