Reader Question: As a Starter How Do I Know a Good Price?

In this video I answer a question from reader Kodohunt about how to know what is a good price and what isn't when you are just getting started in gold-making.

(Apologies for the "hotness" of the microphone sound. Still getting mic placement for these "auto-upload" videos worked out.)

Full question after the jump.

So I have a few level 85s and I've just started wanting to start making gold, I have a start up fund of around six thousand gold. But everywhere I look people are saying farm this item it sells really well or farm this. I'm sick of farming isn't there a way my gold can work for me? I have my old guild bank was told its good to have a safe place to hold stuff till your ready to sell it. And this is where I get stuck I'm not sure how to learn what is going for a good price and what isn't? where do I start what addons do I use and worst of all how do I know a good price when I see one? 
Thank you for your time and any help you can pass on to me, Kodohunt-Blackhand US

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