The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 015

Episode 015 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Nev along with guest Wes bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from the last week.

In this week's episode we discuss how we've been making gold this week, making gold selling low-level glyphs, working the Inferno Ruby market, what it's like to hit one million gold and much more. And now, on with the show!

Embedded Player - Episode 015:

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 015 Show Notes

Your Thoughts
  • What low-levels markets have you succeeded in? How?
  • Which markets do you "fight for" and why?
  • What question would you like answered in a future podcast?

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    1. This was definitely one of those episodes you must listen to multiple times. You three had a ton of information involving JC and Inscription. I'll be sure to start up my own inscription market. =]

      Btw Flux, Don't be ashamed of the 240k. That's about how much I have and I'm perfectly happy! lol

      - JoshDJX

    2. This is still always the first podcast I listen to weekly.

    3. I really enjoy the in depth discussion about JC and Inscription. My servers market is difficult for me to operate in, small margins and lots of competition in most areas. The information helps a bit.

      One question I have is regarding enchanting. It's probably my favorite profession, but I can't seem to make any profit with it. Not sure if it's the market or me. How do you guys make some cash with enchanting? Any suggestions for addons or scrolls to try? Thanks for the awesome podcast and keep rockin it!