The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 014

Episode 014 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Jokine along with guest Faid bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from the last week.

In this week's episode we discuss how we've been making gold this week, what our experiences are so far making gold in Patch 4.2, Firelands raid BOE trash drops, how 4.2 has effected Jewelcrafting and Enchanting and much more. And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 014 Show Notes

Talking Points
  • How did Patch 4.2 meet your expectations?
  • What was the biggest your gold-making surprise in Patch 4.2? 
  • What question would you like answered in a future podcast?

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    1. I dozed off for about 35 minutes in the middle, not because of the show but because I've had an awful stomach virus since the 4th (some bad beef), so I actually missed my own tip lol.

      Great show though. Jewelcrafting was of course grand over this way as well. It was worth it transmuting Demonseyes and Ember Topazs for several days. I was actually caught with less of a supply of Inferno Rubies than I would have liked.

      Also I think volatiles and building mats like Truegold were alright. Stockpiling them turned out to be a mistake for many but I luckily didn't and only came in with 1 stack (200) of each, of which I was able to get rid of before the prices pummeted to below pre-patch as stockpilers dumped thousands the next two or day afterward.

      I haven't found anything from Firelands worth really getting into selling. Those that hopped on the BoE bandwagon early were mostly surprised. Some got early lucky sales and the rest were left endlessly undercutting each other in Trade Chat to try to flush away anything they could quickly. The recipes are a big flop and have been the discussion of many a blog.

      My big surprise of 4.2 was right now actually, the new PvP gear was a nice little bump in gem sales I wasn't expecting. I've dumped a lot of amberjewels and such I normally wouldn't have so quickly.

    2. Hey guys! First time posting but I've been listening since the first one. I just had to comment on this one because I literally laughed out loud when Jokinee said "I'm not playing with an @$$hole like that." I totally agree Jokinee, that's total crap! Btw, Faid was the first gold blogger I ever read so I love when you guys have her on the show. Keep up the great show guys.

    3. Quality ep as always. *Waves at both Nev (ep 13!) and Faid*

      @Jokinee Sho'nuff - The shogun of Harlem!! You wanna battle? I'll Misdirect an episode onto you, damn it! And please, please stop swearing so much, Jokinee :)

      I use the Remote AH for cross faction trading. Post on the cellular phone and buy in-game. My strat; /Who zones, pre-written search word, search n buy, no lag = win.

      Posting large amounts of garbage items (a tip flux mentioned somewhere on a podcast) might work for certain bots, but smart players will scan specific high profit markets like pets and mounts only and thus be able to snatch items even faster. It's fun. Just make sure you're fast. Once I had an item up for 10 seconds and that really got my heart pounding. Make sure you begin with less valuable items to get the feel for it.

      Legendary staff much, Jokinee? You gelly?
      Gevlon has written rules on his blog and they're very clear. His guild is basically a take or leave it guild like all other guilds. It's just that his rules are different. That's what I like about it.

    4. Just finished listening to ep. 14. Another winner in my book. Keep up the good work!