Power Word: Gold Blog On Hiatus For One Month

Hey everyone. Power Word: Gold will be going on hiatus for the next month or so. I am anticipating this break to last until late August. Pinkeytoes and I are going to be moving residences soon and the move coincides with the my feeling that a break from blogging is just about due.

If you need to contact us during the hiatus the best way to do that would be to send an email to While we won't be checking the email as often as we are now we'll try to check it as often as we can.

Tomorrow's Power Word: Gold Podcast (Episode 016) will be our last post before the break. The podcast will also be on hiatus during the month but there is a chance I will have a few other projects (The Tram Rats Podcast?) coming out during the break. If I do post on any other of my projects I'll be sure to mention it on the Power Word: Gold Twitter/Facebook/Google+ so keep an eye out. There's also I good chance I will be popping up on Twitter and/or Google+ from time to time during the break.

If you're looking for gold-making tips while we are on hiatus be sure to use our The Power Word: Gold Blogroll (updated automatically) along with The World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory (which lists over 65 gold-making blogs).

As always thanks so much for all of your support. We have a fantastic gold-making community made up of the best people on earth. You readers and gold-making bloggers never cease to amaze me with your creativity and kindness.

Signing off for now and we'll see you in a month! -flux

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  1. COPIER. D:<

    :P Hope the move is as low-stress as moves can be!

  2. Hope the moving and time off goes well for you and Pinkey! We'll miss you!

  3. @Faid I learned it by watching you!

    @Khalior Thanks. No matter what moving always sucks!

  4. Hi fluxdada,its been a while since reading and following your post, its sad to hear that I will not hear your podcast for quite sometimes. But I’m hoping that you back for more great ideas and more wow gold tips! Takecare!

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