New Undermine Journal Feature: Seller Notifications

A big announcement from The Undermine Journal (TUJ) tonight. You can now set up seller notifications while signed into TUJ. You can now have TUJ notify you when a specific seller (your competition?) posts an auction along with getting a list of the items posted. You can also get notified when one of you character's auctions are undercut.

Read the full release entitled New Feature: Seller Notifications (from The Undermine Journal Blog) after the jump.

The Announcement

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The Undermine Journal's Newest Feature: Seller Notifications

The Undermine, Kezan - July 13, 2011 - Goblins in race and in spirit have new tools to keep an eye on each other and on the marketplace.

Following the success of the Market Notification utility, The Undermine Journal has released Seller Notifications. Users of the publication can be informed within an hour of when other sellers post new auctions on the Auction House. Users can choose to follow other sellers by name, and they will receive a list of new items, along with the total quantity for each, as soon as they go on sale by those sellers.

Along with following the auctions of others, users can watch their own auctions for undercutting. Moguls may watch the auctions of their merchants in the Auction House, and be notified as soon as anyone else posts the same items for sale at a lower per-unit price.

These two types of seller notifications, for new auctions and for undercuts, are valuable tools unmatched in goblin publications across Azeroth. Login to The Undermine Journal and view some sellers' pages to take advantage.

The Undermine Journal is a goblin-produced publication that reports Auction House news, market data, and pricing information for all 723 markets accessible in the Western continents. Readers find it at The first issues were published in June, 2010.

Editor, The Undermine Journal
editor at theunderminejournal dot com
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The Undermine,



Your Thoughts?

  • How will you take advantage of these new seller notifications?
  • What are some creative uses you can think of for these notifications?
  • How can you see these notification being abused?

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  1. Knowing when my auctions have been undercut has never been easier. I *heart* Undermine Journal.