Engineering Items Selling In Patch 4.2

Engineering isn't generally known for being a gold-making power house but I love the profession. My hunter has been an engineer for the last 6 years. I've stuck-by Engineering through thick and thin (long-time engineers will know what I mean) .

Because I love it so much I've never questioned keeping it as a profession. Finding ways to make reliable gold with engineering though has at times been a challenge. After the jump I go over a few things things I've found to be consistent engineering gold-makers in Patch 4.2.


Below are the engineering items that have been selling consistently week-in week-out along with my current asking price.


I'm often one to say that I don't care why someone is buying my items as long as they keep buying them but with the items above I think having an idea why they may be selling really helps me to stay motivated to keep them up on the auction house consistently.

Below are a few of the reasons I believe people are buying these items.

Electrified Ether -  Used to make the companion pets De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion and Personal World Destroyer. I believe that many thrifty players are buying my Electrified Ether as part of gathering the materials to have engineers make them these pets (rather than pay high prices for ready-made pets). Another possible use are lazy engineers looking to quickly put tinkers on their belts and gloves.

Handful of Obsidium Bolts - Much like Electrified Ether I believe the majority of sales I make on these are people gathering materials for the two Cataclysm pets listed above. 

Overcharged Capacitor - Used as part of the materials to apply the Flexweave Underlay tinker to an engineer's cloak. Since this stacks with other cloak enchant most engineers have this tinker on all their cloaks. With the introduction of the level 85 Thrall quest chain that rewards a new iLevel 365 cloak to all level 85 players these are selling well.

Handful of Cobalt Bolts - Credit to the source of demand for these goes to . I was selling these before I knew exactly why. Lucky for me Faid (of Nerf Faids) let me know that these are used for the boot tinker Nitro Boosts. They are also used in creating the Mekgineer's Chopper (Alliance) and the Mechano-Hog (Horde) which non-engineers may be gathering materials for to save money on creating the mount.


One of my favorite things is when I find an untapped area of gold-making potential on my server. When you sell items consistently with little or no competition. The above items have been that way for me for months now. 

While I've seen a few competitors come and go none seem to stick around. One principle that has served me well with these items is picking my own price point. The prices I listed above are the prices that I sell for day-in and day-out regardless of what other items are selling for. I simply wait it out and let their items either sell or expire.

While these items aren't what some would consider block-buster gold makers I've found that they require very little baby sitting. I generally put 40 individual bolts of each type up on 48 hour auctions. I list around 10 Overcharged Capacitors and 20 (or so) Ethers also on 48 hour auctions. When the unsold items come back I re-list them. I don't baby sit these auctions. 

Because I happen to have engineers on both factions I do this on Horde and Alliance. If you trade cross-faction I would recommend checking prices and selling these on both sides if you can.

Slow and Steady

While Overcharged Capacitors have been the clear winners since the new "Thrall cloaks" have come into the game all these engineering items have been slow and stead sellers for me for months.

Who says you can't make gold with Engineering!

Your Thoughts?

What Engineering items have you had success selling in Patch 4.2 and why?

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  1. Overcharged capacitors are also needed for a quest you pick up at Fizzlecrank Airstrip in Borean Tundra