TL;DR - Warcraft Econ Hall of Fames May 2011

I love Warcraft Econ. It's a site where anyone that reaches certain gold milestones (250K, 500K, 750K, 1M and 2M) can submit their own story for a chance to be included in The Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame. (See "Interview Submissions" section of the Hall of Fame page to find out how to submit your own milestone.)

I have to admit that I have a very short attention span and these interviews tend to go a bit long for me. I know that I've been missing out on some solid gold making strategies though. With that in mind I decided to make a TL;DR (Too long; didn't read.) post giving a small taste of the Hall of Fame interviews Warcarft Econ did in May 2011.

I hope that breaking these down into smaller chunks will help me glean some useful gold-making nuggets from these treasure troves of gold-making information. Follow me after the jump for my TL;DR version May's interviews.

Into The Halls of Fame
I am giving purposefully short (hence the TL;DR) notes on each interview. I encourage you to read the individual interviews you find more in-depth insight into their gold-making processes.

Preacharound - Million Gold Cap Club
Who? Preacharound (of Boulderfist-US)
When? May 6, 2011
Why? To get in The Hall of Fame
How? Inscription only. Glyphs and Darkmoon Faire Decks.
More? Yes. Want 5M.

Middleton - 2 Million Gold Club
Who? Middleton (of Shadow Council-US)
When? May 9, 2011
Why? Caught "gold fever" in WotLK.
How? Mid-level LK craftables, Glyph-mas, early Cataclysm mat farming.
More? Scaling back (but not retired).

Athenos - Million Gold Club
Who? Athenos (of Khaz Modan-EU)
When? May 15, 2011
Why? Challenge of making as much as possible in the least amount of time.
How? Jewelcrafting.
More? Not a goal but still doing 30 mins. a day.

Drakkmur - 1 Million Gold Cap Club
Who? Drakkmur (of Hydraxis-US)
When? May 17, 2011
Why? Realized how easy making gold was.
How? Crafting alts. Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking and dominating Jewelcrafting market.
More? Don't know. Probably casually.

Colddrawn - 500K Gold Club
Who? Colddrawn (of Eitrigg-US)
When? May 19, 2011
Why? Alts and collecting.
How? Working one market until competition gets fierce than shifting markets.
More? Yes. 1M+.

Prncesspwn - 500K Gold Club
Who? Prncesspwn (of Anub’arak-US)
When? May 26, 2011
Why? Burnt out on raiding. Gold-making became fun part of the game.
How? Every profession. Jewelcrafting is biggest money-maker.
More?  1M is next goal.

Bobobdedi - 1 Million Gold Cap Club
Who? Bobobdedi (of Alleria-US)
When? May, 28 2011
Why? Always loved making money in games.
How? Hit old gold cap in LK with Inscription and Jewelcrafting. Just kept going.
More? Make gold with anything over 1M.

The Shoulders of Giants
Congrats again to all the "Hall of Famers"! You've shown great dedication to gold-making and given us all something to strive for.

Thanks again to Warcraft Econ for putting up these great Hall of Fame posts. I hope my little TL;DR version has peaked your interest in digging deeper into these interviews.

I look forward to the June Hall of Fame interviews.

Talking Points

  • Do you have a certain gold amount you are striving for? If so why?
  • Have you reached a personal gold-making goal? If so how did you feel after?
  • When does gold become merely a number?

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  1. You really shortened the interviews haha. Very nice idea and I agree. I'm interested in gold making and even if the information is good i'm doing well enough as it is, so i'd rather do other stuff than read about it for (10+ minutes).

    The good thing about it is that I can pick whomever I find interesting from the answers they give. It also gives a good perspective on how other gold makers moved on after reaching their cap of choice.

    * Do you have a certain gold amount you are striving for? If so why?
    Not any more.
    * Have you reached a personal gold-making goal? If so how did you feel after?
    214k cap felt awesome!!! 1M didn't make me feel anything at all. Really, Nothing.
    * When does gold become merely a number?
    When I dinged 700-800k+. The more gold I got the less I cared.

  2. We completely support this post. Keep it up! Also we don't have a 750k category; figured if you could make that much, might as well go for a million. Also a soon to be added 3 million gold category will be added.

  3. These Warcraft Econ posts were what started me on y gold making journey

    It was either February or March when I read them and it gave me the bug.

    It is also where I first read about TuJ and lead me here to this blog, and many others.

    At this point I have read most, if not all, the interviews from 250,000 - 2,000,000. As well, I have read most, if not all, the editorials posted on the TuJ blogroll in that time.

    When I started reading it all I set a goal of hitting gold cap and even recently startedy own blog on the journey -

    Keep up the interviews, short or long, and I hope to be there by year end. Heck, of things go as anticipated it should be interview # 1 by 3-4 weeks into patch 4.2...

    Good Luck in your gold making journeys!