The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 013

Episode 013 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Your hosts flux and Jokine along with guest Nev bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from the last week.

In this week's episode we discuss how we've been making gold this week, what we might expect from Patch 4.2, how to get started selling cross-faction, how to best use a new Jewelcrafter and much more. And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 013 Show Notes

Talking Points

  • What are your last (last) minute preparations for 4.2?
  • If you're listening to this after 4.2 how has your post-4.2 gold-making been going?
  • What question would you like answered in a future podcast?

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    1. Thanks to Nev for the shoutout!

      I listen to you guys every week and love the podcast. Keep up the good work guys (and gals).

    2. Hey, I'm the Matt that asked the question at the end of the podcast. Thanks for the awesome points! :)

      I've actually picked up some the various techniques mentioned; mainly, I've started to make limited supply recipe and pet runs around the world, and it's been a good steady income thus far. I have been doing auctioneer scans and definitely been keeping track of prices via the scans and undermine journal. I will definitely continue to keep my eye on all the markets to get a general feel and not try to pigeonhole myself into JC.

      Thanks for the answers and another great podcast!

    3. Lots of good info here. I just started a horde character and am looking to do alot of the same things. I moved 5k over there with the help of a friend and the neutral ah. He listed a prairie dog pet for 10k. I bought the prairie dog. He sent me 5.7k and I let him keep the rest as a fee.

      I bought a nightmare tear from the Dalaran epic design vendor, thanks for the tip.

      Btw, I just hit 150k this week. Patch 4.2 has been good. Sold alot of GCE's, raw inferno rubies, and hypnotic dust. Thanks for the blog and the podcast.

    4. Excellent podcast as usual! Your blog and podcast have really got me excited about making gold. Now if I could just find the play time to try out all the new ideas I am picking up. Thanks!

    5. @Darraxus Thank you!

      @Matt Thanks again for the MP3 question. Maybe we can get an MP3 gold tip out of you as well? #hinthint

      @Vergadin Congrats on 150k!

      @kevin I find I build regular routines and then slowly branch out from those over time. I never know when I may find a new area of gold-making potential to mine.

    6. After a 1 week hiatus I plan on submitting more as well.

      Just wanted to agree with Vergadin's comments about 4.2 being good with Enchanting mats. If you weren't making your uncommon gems into jewelry you are now (depending on server). Not just because the uncommons are worth nothing to a vendor anymore, but because GCEs are moving on the AH faster than any 1 person could ever keep up.

    7. Thank you for another great podcast.

      I've been listening to a couple of the older episodes on the weekend while harvesting obscene amounts of money from my servers auction house and it was really interesting to hear you guys improve from episode to episode.

      You and Jokinee work really well together and your choice of guests has also been great.