More Spectral Tiger Mounts Coming Via WoW TCG Tournaments July 23-24

A recent promotion on the World of Warcraft Launcher caught my eye. "Players Go On a Spectral Safari With New Class Starter Decks".

If there is one word in that statement that most gold-makers should recognize it is "Spectral". The Spectral Tiger mount in one of the most sought after and highly valued BOE mounts in the game.

This is the kind of item that players with a decent amount of gold can potentially flip for a profit. A new promotion for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) may be pumping more of these valuable mounts into the economy this month.

Find out how after the jump.

Round 1: Fight!
The following excerpt was taken form the "2011 Class Starter Deck" page at (Emphasis added.)
Spectral Safari - Have you been hunting for the Spectral Tiger Loot card? If so, you're so close! With the release of the 2011 Class Starter Decks, we're taking players worldwide on a Spectral Safari. On July 23rd and 24th, players will head to their local participating hobby store to enter the beginner-friendly tournament. Each player will receive a random Class Starter Deck and compete in the Spectral Safari event with that deck. The winner of the tournament will receive an El Pollo Grande Loot card, and a person will be chosen at random at the end of the event to win a Spectral Tiger Loot card!
Heading to the "Spectral Safari: July 2011" details page We learn that it is a $20 entry-fee tournament with the following prizes. (Emphasis added.)

  • The first 25 players to register at each Spectral Safari location will receive a Sandbox Tiger Loot card.
  • First Place: The player with the best record after the Swiss rounds will win an El Pollo Grande Loot Card.
  • Random Drawing: All players that finish this event will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive the Spectral Tiger Loot Card.

A partial list of tournament locations is listed on the tournament page if you're interested in trying to get one of these in person. Even though it is only a partial list I counted just over 100 locations for the tournament.

What's TGC Got To Do With It?
So why am I talking about TCG promotions on a gold-making blog (and on my blogging vacation no less)? There is the potential that right after July 23 and 24, 2011 the number of Spectral Tiger (Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger) and El Pollo Grande (Magic Rooster Egg) mounts available on realms will go up.

The number may not be huge but the knowledgeable gold maker that now knows these dates will know when to start looking for under-priced auctions for these BOE mounts.

Not everyone who wins these loot cards will know the true value of them. They may sell them for much less than the going rate.

You have two ways you can go about taking advantage of this news. If you are near one of the tournament locations and willing to spend $20 (and learn to play the WoW TCG) you could score big by finishing the tournament and being lucky enough to win the drawing for the Spectral Tiger loot card.

I don't know the attendance numbers at these tournaments but I'd image even a 1/50 chance of getting a Spectral Tiger (even with the $20 entry fee) is much better than you're going to get anywhere else.

If you aren't able to get to a tournament you can keep a look out on your auction house (and even pre-set up Undermine Journal alerts) on the off-chance that these mounts show up on a server you are able to buy them on.

For those who pay attention what they've dubbed the "Spectral Safari" has the potential to be a "Gold Safari" for a gold-maker with a little luck this July 23 and 24.

Talking Points

  • What prices have you see the Spectral Tire and Magic Rooster Egg sell for on your server?
  • Which of the WoW TCG loot cards do you want most?
  • What strategies are you going to employ to hunt for these BOE mounts after July 24?

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