Final Countdown to Patch 4.2

Picking up a piece off of Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile (See "Not a Patch Speculation Post (But it's as boring)") I wanted to talk about what I'll be doing in the last few days until Patch 4.2 drops (assuming it comes on June 28, 2011).

Get a peek into my preparation after the jump.

It's All About the Rubies

I'll be pushing hard to craft as many Inferno Rubies as I can before patch 4.2. See "Make Cheap Inferno Rubies Before 4.2" for how I'm going about it.

As long as I can find cheap ore I will make these. If the ore price shoots up I'll spend time doing my own mining.

For Great Justice

In 4.2 all Valor Points will be converted to Justive Points up to the 4000 Justice Point cap. Any Valor points over the 4000 Justice Point cap will be converted to gold at a rate of 47 silver per Valor point and ailed to the player. I can do better than that.

I'll be going over the currency tab on each of my characters and adding Valor Points and Justice Points and making sure I'm not over 4000 combined. If I am over and I don't have anything important to buy (item upgrades etc.) I will be purchasing Cardinal Rubies in Dalaran to bring my Justice+Valor Points down under 4000.

If you have extra Valor points (and no gear upgrades) you might also consider selling your Valor boots in trade chat.

Waiting For The Other [Boot] To Drop

I'll be doing a fire sale pricing for any Valor Boots I am still trying to sell. I've got a few pair left that I've picked up for 2.5K or less. I'll be dropping the prices down this weekend to 4k and then 3k until they sell.

I believe that Valor boot prices will completely crater after patch 4.2 when so-called "Valor boots" become purchasable with the much more common Justice Points.

By Fire Be Purged

I think I'm done with this task but I'll be double checking that any of my crafters who I will be doing Firelands dailies on are level 85 and have completed all of the Mt. Hyjal quests up to the regrowth.

(If you get to the quest where you are in a moonwell and are lifted up in the air while some glowy thing talks to you then you've done enough quests to be able to unlock the Firelands dailies.)

But What About Stockpiling X?

So what am I doing about stockpiling items like Blackened Dragonscales and mats to make Hardened Elementium Bars? Well I'm not stockpiling them because the patterns that use those material are locked behind dailies that take at least 31 days to complete. (See "Guardians of Hyjal Vendors" at Kaliope's Crafting Blog. Credit for finding that link goes to Khalior)

So if these patterns won't be available until a month after 4.2 I'd much rather wait and see if ore prices continue to drop after the initial 4.2 uptick dies down. I'm going with a "just-in-time" strategy on this issue.

So Little Time

So I've got my plate full with a few things to get done before Tuesday. Luckily for me much of the time consuming stuff (leveling and finishing Hyjal) I've done already. Now it it a matter of maximizing my Inferno Ruby production while I still have the luxury of 5g vendor price off-set to allow me to process tons of ore efficiently.

Your Thoughts?
  • What are you doing to prepare for 4.2?
  • What did you learn from 4.1 that you're going to apply to 4.2?
  • What are your thoughts on it taking 30+ days to unlock the new vendors?

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  1. Not doing much to prepare and I just realized that i'll be abroad on patch release. The 1 thing I will do is to use the currencies. Other than that i'll crash a few random markets when I get back home just to see if Auction House PvP gives me any kind of rush.

  2. Can you hear that song and NOT think of "Arrested Development"?

    Sadly, I'm too low level in both profession and character to do anything ahead of 4.2. I just need to remember to clear all of my AH data after the patch settles for a few hours.

  3. And my CAPTCHA word was "sunke", which is close to "funke" -- A sign?

  4. Speaking of Inferno Rubies and your recent related post, what do you do with all of the other rare gems? I have accumulated a lot of them, and have no idea what I should be doing with them. Wait and hope for future epic transmutes or even vendor them?

  5. @skantasm I vendor (pre-4.2) any that are selling below 8g or so. I try to sell any that are selling above 8g.

    After 4.2 I'll most likely sell them on the AH for whatever I can get. With cuts stacking I may also look into selling cuts but if the gem market just turns into a copy of the glyph market (massive stocks and massive undercut wars) I'll just stick to selling raws.

  6. @fluxdada: Thank you for your input, I appreciate it!