A Day In The Life Of A Gold Maker - My Daily Alchemy and Jewelcrafting Routine

Today we have a long-form video (40 mins) in which I go through my daily Alchemy and Jewelcrafting routines. I also do some mailing and auction housing. The fact that my daily routine took around 50+ minutes was quite a revelation to me.

(The video length was an experiment in using a longer video format. At 40 minutes it ended up being somewhere between a video and a podcast.)

Talking Points

  • What do you do for your daily routine?
  • What do you think of the longer-format video?
  • What would you like to see featured in a future video?

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  1. Hey Flux,
    Awesome video, always good to see how others do thier daily routine and also get some good tips that you may not have thought of, thanks :D

    For the scourge JC quest, a good place to kill undead is actually the place you went to to kill that rare spawn. It was the best place for me when I was doing it in Wrath.

    Keep the vlogs coming they are great!

  2. Excellent video. Elemental Goo is a pain.
    I posted this on the YouTube page, but thought it might be more visible here.

    Nightmare Tears sell for 2-3 times (250G - 400G) the cost of Dragon's Eyes on my server. I find it well worth cutting them. I sell more than I can make. Am always looking for cheap Dragon's Eyes to snatch up (<120G generally). I think a lot of people think they to put Prismatic Gems in Prismatic slots, and Nightmare Tears are the highest level prismatic gem.
    I also agree with Nanodell, the closest Scourge are just north of the dam in Icecrown. Almost under Dalaran.

  3. Nice video, I agree with Nanodell in that it's fun to see what other people are doing so I know I'm on track.

    One recommendation, you may want to grab an addon called Turn In, or there's another one called Automaton. Both addons quickly skip the text from daily quests and automatically complete them out without you having to do anything other than click the questgiver. You can pretty much do it while riding by on your mount and it will still complete.

  4. Very cool video -- Good insight, even though JC/Alchemy actions are still foreign to me.

    How did you get yourself stranded, though?

  5. @mike I use Quest-o-matic to do auto accepts and turn ins. I must have just had it temporarily disabled.

    @roddie Because I used my hearthstone to get back from doing the LK JC daily it was on CD and I couldn't use it get back from Uldum to do my Cata JC daily.