The "Treasure Potion Trash Dash" Challenges You!

We here at Power Word: Gold are always looking for new and interesting ways to compare ourselves to other gold makers. The struggle to see who has the largest gold epeen is never ending. Like the Highlander said "There can be only one master of gold".

With that in mind we've devised a fool-proof strategy for seeing who has the biggest sack...of gold. Introducing the "Treasure Potion Trash Dash"! The last server-independent gold-making contest you'll ever need. We'll go over the rules and our initial (and massive) results after the jump

The Idea
All joking aside I think The Treasure Potion Trash Dash (TPTD) will be a fun project for those of you out there who like to min/max things or want to take a break from the monotony if canceling and reposting day after day.

The basic idea of the Treasure Potion Trash Dash is that you drink a Potion of Treasure Finding and go kill anything you want in a Cataclysm zone for the 60 minutes the potion buff lasts. After you're done killin' you add up the Vendor Value for everything you acquired in those 60 minutes.

Forget Gold Per Hour (GPH) this contest is all about Vendor Value Per Hour (VVPH)! VVPH is a completely useless statistic in gold-making but is a perfect statistic in the confines of the Dash.

What I'm excited to see is how players take this and figure out the best places to farm for High Vendor Value  Items (HVVI). You ain't got to lie! I can see the gears in your head turning as we speak.

The Rules
Here are the rules for The Treasure Potion Trash Dash. Read them CAREFULLY.
  • You must drink a Potion of Treasure Finding. (The cost of the potion is irrelevant to the contest.)
  • Your final totals must only include the Vendor Value of the items looted during the 60 minutes the Potion of Treasure Finding was active.
  • You must do the dash be in a cataclysm zone (Vashj'ir, Mt. Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum, Twilight Highlands and Tol Barad).
  • You may include items you skin/mine/herb from any mobs that die around you (including mobs you did not kill).
  • You may include items pickpocketed from mobs. You may not include the gold pickpocketed from mobs.
  • You may not include herbs/ore/gems mined or herbs from nodes. Only items mined/herbed/skinned from the bodies of dead mobs.
  • You may include the vendor value of ore/cloth etc. looted from a Tiny Treasure Chest you acquired during the 60 minutes.
  • You may include the value of the gold looted from a Tiny Treasure Chest.
  • You may not include the gold looted after killing a mob.
  • You must provide an item-by-item break down of how you reached your final total. (Example of proper results format below.)
  • You must submit you entry as a comment on this post or a link to the post on your blog where you post the results.
  • All results are on the honor system. If you lie about your results I'll pull down you pants in front of everyone and give you a spanking right here. I'll do it. Don't test me.

Why Vendor Value?
The reason I'm using Vendor Value for this dash is that it is the same across all servers. This means that if we all follow the rules and add up our results properly we will all be on an even playing field.

The auction house has no bearing on vendor value which makes it perfect. That said, VVPH is only really relevant in the narrow confines of this contest.

(Also because I said so!)

I'd recommend having at least 45 slots open in your bags. I like to do the whole dash without going back to the vendor. It makes adding everything up at the end easier.

Since you are allowed to mine/skin/herb mobs that other players kill you might want to find an area where you can get a few extra items (crocs in Tol'Barad, elementals in My. Hyjal etc.).

You are focusing on the Vendor Value of an item not the Auction House value. Some items worth a lot on the auction house have severely low Vendor Values. (Embersilk Cloth vendors for 75 copper each. Copper!)

Get creative and engage your brain. Use all the tools at your disposal (Wowhead, past grinding experience, etc) to develop your TPTD strategies. 

My Initial Results
You didn't think I would put this cacamayme dash together without testing it first did you? Oh noooo! I've done the leg work (well more like the smash-sword-into-face-work) and I'm going to show you the results now.

While the format for your results may differ slightly they must include:
  • Name of the item acquired
  • Number of each item
  • Exact item vendor value
  • Total value per item 
  • Vendor Value grand total 

In other words we need to be able to "check your work".

the easiest way I found to get results into text was added my items up in a spreadsheet. I then exported that spreadsheet as a .csv (comma separated values) file and opened that .csv file in Notepad. I then copied and pasted the text here (hence the commas). The format is a bit hard to read but perfectly adequate for our purposes here.

Here are the TPTD VVPH results for my Death Knight skinner farming in Sethria's Roost in Mt. Hyjal:

Item ,Number,Vendor Value,Total
[Direforge Gauntlets of the Faultline],1,6.3242,6.3242
[Volatile Air],5,0.0875,0.4375
[Volatile Earth],6,0.0875,0.525
[Volatile Fire],5,0.0875,0.4375
[Volatile Life],7,0.0875,0.6125
[Volatile Water],3,0.0875,0.2625
[Blackened Dragonscale],37,1.025,37.925
[Savage Leather],75,0.0475,3.5625
[Savage Leather Scraps],234,0.0475,11.115
[Sishir Spellblade of the Whale],1,17.038,17.038
[Swamplight Scepter of the Wavecrest],1,16.7455,16.7455
[Pockmarked Cloth Vest],1,1.4688,1.4688
[Pockmarked Cloth Belt],1,0.7591,0.7591
[Dirt-Caked Pants],1,1.9118,1.9118
[Pockmarked Cloth Bracers],1,0.7702,0.7702
[Clammy Mail Gloves],1,1.11,1.11
[Ripsaw Fang],1,0.3883,0.3883
[Shimmering Claw],126,0.2171,27.3546
[Knog's Bow of Ineptitude],1,3.3835,3.3835
[Pyrite Ore],3,0.1,0.3
[Embersilk Cloth],11,0.0075,0.0825
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,,4.6338
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,,4.036
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,,2.2007
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,,5.3041
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,,5.0968
Total Vendor Value: 153.7854 

In the Dash run above I ended up with a VVPH of 153g 78s 54c. Not too shabby for a first attempt. Now lets see how I did on my second attempt.

Here are the TPTD VVPH results for my Paladin miner farming the earth elementals at the beginning of Mt. Hyjal:

Item ,Number,Vendor Value,Total
[Baradin Cord of the Feverflare],1,3.242,3.242
[Ameth'Aran Cowl of the Whale],1,4.8821,4.8821
[Design: Flashing Carnelian],1,0,0
[Volatile Earth],37,0.0875,3.2375
[Volatile Life],5,0.0875,0.4375
[Elementium Ore],2,0.005,0.01
[Pyrite Ore],9,0.1,0.9
[Dirt-Caked Shoulderpads],1,1.4184,1.4184
[Dirt-Caked Pants],1,1.9118,1.9118
[Perforated Plate Pants],1,2.6189,2.6189
[Clammy Mail Boots],1,1.7345,1.7345
[Perforated Plate Bracers],1,1.3119,1.3119
[Wolk's Blunted Shiv],1,4.4797,4.4797
[Knog's Bow of Ineptitude],1,3.3835,3.3835
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,1.6822,1.6822
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,4.0154,4.0154
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,4.8009,4.8009
[Tiny Treasure Chest] - Gold,1,1.8819,1.8819
[Efflorescing Shards],30,0.2499,7.497
[Hoary Crystals],142,0.1956,27.7752
[Shimmering Shards],242,0.4323,104.6166
[Embersilk Cloth],26,0.0075,0.195
Total Vendor Vale: 182.032

In this second attempt I raised my VVPH to 182g 3s 20c. Not a bad improvement. What other ways could I improve my VVPH?

A Goofy Challenge Meant To Be Lots of Fun
In case you haven't caught it yet this dash is completely ridiculous. No one in their right mind would do this to attempt to make actual gold. That isn't the point of the The Treasure Potion Trash Dash. 

The point is to pit yourself against others in the gold making community in a game of wits and grinding skills. Not everything we do has to be so serious.

Consider this me personally calling you out. Think you have the skills? I challenge you to beat my totals above. I'm anxious to see who the the final winner will be. I'm anxious to see who will will figure out the mobs drop the best HVVIs. 

I challenge you (yes you sitting right there) to go out, do the dash and post your results in the comments here. Heck do it a few times. Feel free to post multiple results of you do multiple dashes.

If you have a blog I'd encourage you to make your results into a blog post. If I get enough bloggers linking posts in the comments here I will bundle them up and make a future The Treasure Potion Trash Dash results post and link to them all.

Good luck all. Let the games begin! Oh I'm just getting a note from flux now. It reads "Bring it on cupcake!"

Talking Points
  • Why are you still reading this and not out planning your TPTD strats?
  • Still reading? Did you think I joking about planning? 
  • OK. Now you're just mocking me.

PS: If you want any clarifications about rules let me know in the comments and I'll make up "official" sounding rule clarifications.

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  1. I'd do it, but just writing things down requires too much time and I hate getting too much into details unless it's a topic that really gets me hooked. I'd say, vendor value only, submit screens, use ” X” addon for a vendor total as well as Z addon, such as Selljunk, to choose what other vendor trash you want to sell. Maybe would make lazy gold makers like me feel more interested in getting involved.

    I hope this gets some attention though. Would be so funny just because it should be an impossible challenge to make gold makers want to do.

    If I change my mind I’ll let you know.
    Good luck!

  2. I can include items that I skin/mine/herb, but can I include pickpockets?

    I will work on this spot this evening....

  3. @Altolycus Yes. Pickpocketed items can be included. (Adding it to rules.)

  4. @GrayzBDF I just shift clicked the items name into my chat window and copy/pasted it into my spread sheet, added amounts and values and let the spreadsheet calculate the totals.

    That said yes it is a very "mathy" challenge but some people (me included) love that kind of stuff.

  5. Got 1 done on my rogue (pick pocket ftw!) now wanna try on my skinner & my non-gatherer DK. Will post results on my blog. It was kinda fun & very interesting to see the differences in vendor values.

  6. I did mine on a lvl85 DK skinner at Hyjal's place. Got about 145.80g (all vendor value) not counting the money looted from 6 treasure chests (auto-looted them all before seeing your post). I skinned 55 dragonscales in that hour, the highest scale/minute I've ever done.

  7. I have made 3 runs on my skinning lvl 83 Mage at Sethria's Roost in Hyjal. I didnt track the vendor values but have the following tally:
    Run #1:
    Savage Leather - 47
    Savage Leather Scraps - 257
    Blackened Dragonscale - 35
    2 Green Items for DE
    5 Bloated Stomachs- 2 Volatile Life, 2 Volatile Air, 2 Volatile Earth
    8 Tiny Treasure Chests - 38 Embersilk Cloth, 2 Pyrite Ore, 8 Elementium Ore, 1 Green to DE, 1 Volatile Earth, 1 Volatile Water, 26g
    Trash - 40g

    Run #2:
    Savage Leather - 57
    Savage Leather Scraps - 276
    Blackened Dragonscale - 26
    4 Green Items for DE
    8 Bloated Stomachs- 5 Volatile Fire, 2 Volatile Air, 6 Volatile Earth, 1 Volatile Water
    13 Tiny Treasure Chests - 41 Embersilk Cloth, 5 Pyrite Ore, 9 Elementium Ore, 12 Volatile Earth, 2 Volatile Water, 2 Volatile Air, 3 Greens to DE, 48g
    Trash - 47g

    Run #3:
    Savage Leather - 68
    Savage Leather Scraps - 232
    Blackened Dragonscale - 39
    5 Green Items for DE
    4 Bloated Stomachs- 1 Volatile Life, 1 Volatile Air, 1 Volatile Earth, 1 Volatile Water
    9 Tiny Treasure Chests - 44 Embersilk Cloth, 3 Pyrite Ore, 1 Elementium Ore, 1 Volatile Water, 32g
    Trash - 44g

  8. @Lamar Looks like some good lists. I look forward to your final Vendor value totals when you add them up (since that is pretty much the point of the dash). However since you didn't record (at least not in the comment) which greens you actually got that may be a bit hard.

    Good info either way.

  9. I am making another run or two tonight. I will tally vendor values in them. I normally don't even look at the value of the greens because everything is sent to the be disenchanted. I always convert all of my leather into Heavy Savage Leather, then to Pristine Hides.

  10. Hahahaha, this is pretty neat. I'll have to give it a go tomorrow. I'm thinking the eles in Mt. Hyjal...

  11. Run#1 Scalding Run Elementals Hyjal
    greys and vendor
    Hoary crystals-173 total 33g83s88c
    Efflorcing shards- 33 total 8g24s67c
    Pockmarked Hat-3 total 3g45s33c
    Pockmarked cloth bracers 77s02c
    Perforated Plate boots 1g98s92c
    clammy mail belt 1g12s22c
    Clammy mail pants 2g26s92c
    Perforated plate gloves 1g32s18c
    Pockmarked cloth vest 1g46s88c
    Clammy Mail gloves 1g11s
    Total 47g76s62c
    Design:Keen hessonite 0g0s0c
    Angerfang knuckles of the bandit-17g22s40c
    Yojamba waistrband of the marksmen-4g18s01c
    Nazferiti belt of the marksman-4g80s96c
    Yojambi bindings of the marksman-4g44s89c
    Mosshide gloves of the galeburst- 4g15s66c
    Mosshide bindings of the monkey- 4g35s78c
    Sundown greaves of the bandit-7g44s43c
    Total 46g62s13c
    Volatile earth-total 11 96s25c

    15 tiny treasure chest( didnt expect that many!)
    embersilk cloth total 52
    Pyrite ore total 1
    V life total 3
    V air total 4
    V water total 7
    Merceldar spellblade of the undertow

    Total 71g10s10c
    I think I did all the adding right.
    Overall vendor value not included is an 11g repair bill
    TOTAL 166g45s10c

  12. Who: 85 protection paladin. 525 miner
    What: gyreworms and gorged gyreworms
    VVPH: 202g 30s 11c

    [Figurine – Dream Owl]: 1, n/a - n/a
    [Scintillating Crystals]: 114, 00.22.22 - 25.33.08
    [Shimmering Shards]: 189, 00.43.23 - 81.70.47
    [Conductive Shards]: 32, 00.37.27 - 11.92.64
    [Highperch Spaulders of the Undertow]: 1, 07.84.22 - 07.84.22
    [Brightwood Sandals of the Whale]: 1, 05.53.70 - 05.53.70
    [Darrowmere Shoulderpads of the Seer]: 1, 05.33.15 - 05.33.15
    [Mirkfallon Wand of the Seer]: 1, 13.32.35 - 13.32.35
    [Sooty Mail Belt]: 1, 01.43.53 - 01.43.53
    [Pockmarked Cloth Bracers]: 1, 00.77.02 - 00.77.02
    [Clammy Mail Shoulderpads]: 1, 01.70.32 - 01.70.32
    [Knog's Bow of Ineptitude]: 1, 03.38.35 - 03.38.35
    [Dirt-Caked Armor]: 1, 01.90.51 - 01.90.51
    [Elementium Ore]: 9, 00.00.50 - 00.04.50
    [Volatile Earth]: 34, 00.08.75 - 2.97.50
    [Pyrite Ore]: 1, 00.10.00 - 00.10.00
    [Volatile Life]: 2, 00.08.75 - 00.17.50
    [Volatile Air]: 3, 00.08.75 - 00.26.25
    [Volatile Fire]: 11, 00.08.75 - 00.96.25
    [Embersilk Cloth]: 53, 00.00.75 - 00.39.75

    And 37.19.02 looted from Tiny Treasure Chests

    I got pretty lucky with the tiny treasure chests, though, I think.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Total: 296g10s58c

    Itemized results can be seen here:
    ”Treasure Potion Trash Dash” PW:G

    Fun contest, looking forward to the next one!

  15. Count me in I will post later on the results, but if you have made this last week I would have won whit my 25K purple sold at AH( Yes i know this doesn't count I am just gloating )

  16. Ooops...Ok somebody didn't read the rules...CAREFULLY...My bad!

  17. Just found this from someone talking about it at The Undermine Journal. Just last night, I farmed 37 (yes, Thirty Seven) chests in an hour. I'll definitely do this tonight and total it up officially, but no one gets my spot before I do so :)

  18. Thanks for all the comments and posts so far. I'm loving all the stories and am glad to see everyone being goofy and having fun.

    I'm going to be doing a few more Dashes myself since Alto has set the bar pretty high.

    Keep it up!

  19. I just updated the post with a video of the run for further confirmation.

    ”Treasure Potion Trash Dash” PW:G

  20. "Level 85 Gnome Mage skinner farming in Sethria's Roost in Mt. Hyjal for 1 hour :
    Item Qty Vendor Total
    [Blackened Dragonscale] 36 1.025 36.9
    [Shimmering Claw] 107 0.2171 23.2297
    [Steelspark Broadaxe of the Soldier] 1 21.5588 21.5588
    [Swamplight Scepter of the Elder] 1 16.7455 16.7455
    [Savage Leather Scraps] 230 0.0475 10.925
    [Ripsaw Fang] 24 0.3883 9.3192
    [Direforge Sabatons of the Earthshaker] 1 8.8707 8.8707
    [Mirkfallon Ring of the Elder] 1 6.3261 6.3261
    [Baradin Sandals of the Eagle] 1 5.1472 5.1472
    [Pristine Hide] 1 3.25 3.25
    [Savage Leather] 44 0.0475 2.09
    [Perforated Plate Helmet] 1 2.0107 2.0107
    [Perforated Plate Boots] 1 1.9892 1.9892
    [Dirt-Caked Boots] 1 1.4649 1.4649
    [Tiny Treasure Chest] (contents below): 7 0 0
    Gold 1 24.1148 24.1148
    Embersilk 25 0.0075 0.1875
    Pyrite Ore 5 0.1 0.5
    Volatile Water 1 0.0875 0.0875
    Volatile Air 1 0.0875 0.0875
    [Strange Bloated Stomach] (contents below): 2 0 0
    Volatile Earth 4 0.0875 0.35
    [Design: Guardian's Nightstone] 1 0 0

    Total 175.1543

  21. OK, so I did it three times, but the data on the first run was lost due to my accidentally saving over the name of the file after clearing it for the second run...

    It was about 98 G total, though. It was gathered while doing my TB dailies, and then finishing off on skinning/herbing is the croc area. I do not think that that area is good, though, as I was at 18 min left before my first treasure chest dropped.

    For my second run, I did the Twilight Highland beach. I like this a lot better then the other suggested Blackened Dragonscale location since there are a lot more mobs, and you do not have to wait for a re-spawn. Oh, and I set up my spreadsheet a little diffrently so that I can take out whatever Herbs and Volatile Lifes I picked up. Here is the summary:

    Item Amount After Total
    Blackend Dragonscale 48 49.2
    Design: Reverbrating Shadowspirit Diamond 1 2.5
    Dragon Flank 55 1.5455
    Elementium Lockbox 1 0.075
    Elementium Ore 5 2.5
    Embersilk Cloth 23 0.1725
    Gold 22.8002
    Irontree Greatsword of the Beast 1 22.7009
    Melted Cleaver 1 5.5797
    Mirkfallon Amulet of the invoker 1 6.3561
    Perforated Plate Belt 1 1.2876
    Pristine Hide 1 3.25
    Pyrite Ore 2 0.2
    Ripsaw Fang 19 7.3777
    Savage Leather 111 5.2725
    Shimmering Claw 99 21.4929
    Stonewrote Vambracers of the Earthfall 1 6.4158
    Volatile Earth 5 0.4375
    Volatile Life 2 0.175
    Volatile Water 5 0.4375
    Warped Greatsword 1 5.5597

    Total 165.3361

    As you can see, MUCH better results.

  22. My third attempt, I tried to do the first time again, but about half way through, the PVP started, so I decided to do it as a half and half, and went back to the beach.

    Item Amount After Total
    Blackend Dragonscale 23 23.575
    Crocolisk Tail 17 0.4879
    Crystalvien Legplates of the earthshaker 1 13.6335
    Dirt Caked Gloves 1 0.9696
    Dirt caked Pants 1 1.9118
    Dragon Flank 33 0.9273
    Elementium Ore 3 1.5
    Embersilk Cloth 13 0.0975
    Gold 8.3672
    Highperch Gauntlents of the Monkey 1 5.4649
    Immense Jaws 7 2.8917
    Lifegiving Seed 1 0.0625
    Mangled Flipper 24 5.0904
    Ripsaw Fang 17 6.6011
    Roasted Beef 1 0.09
    Ruined Embersild Scraps 4 0.612
    Savage Leather 120 5.7
    Scavenged Animal Parts 2 0.3488
    Shimmering Claw 41 8.9011
    Thornsnarl Legguards of the Undertow 1 11.0983
    Volatile Earth 1 0.0875
    Volatile Water 3 0.2625

    Total: 98.6806

    Not as good as the second time. But still, very interesting, and very profitable, since most of the stuff picked up is NOT being vendered.

    Question though: Do the potions not only allow the chests to become available, but also increase chances of greens (or higher) to drop? Maybe it is because I am killing so many mobs in a short period of time, but whenever I am using the TF potions I always get a few greens, and even the odd blue, such as the JC recipe from my second run. Any thoughts?

  23. So I tallied my 1st attempt & posted it on my blog first try. I really must do better so I'm gonna try it again, different alt, different place maybe :) Need more killing power! lol

  24. Good luck, this was my first try :) Any number in parenthesis next to the item name means I had that many of that specific item.

    Gold from chests (34) 115g 82s 60c
    Embersilk Cloth (327) 75c each 2g 45s 25c
    Volatile Earth (17) 8s 75c each 1g 48s 75c
    Volatile Life (4) 8s 75c each 35s 00c
    Volatile Air (6) 8s 75c each 52s 50c
    Volatile Water (6) 8s 75c each 52s 50c
    Volatile Fire (12) 8s 75c each 1g 05s 00c
    Pyrite Ore (19) 10s 00c each 1g 90s 00c
    Elementium Ore (12) 50c each 6s 00c
    Nethander Spellblade of the Elder 17g 86s 36c
    Sishir Wand of the Feverflare 13g 01s 14c
    Mirkfallon Spellblade of the Beast 17g 44s 95c
    Brightwood Leggings of the Whale 6g 85s 34c
    Brightwood Leggings of the Elder 6g 85s 34c
    Nethander Wand of the Sorcerer 12g 65s 85c
    Nethergarde Axe of the Bandit 16g 99s 33c
    Yojamba Bindings of the Monkey 4g 44s 89c
    Fargodeep Helm of the Champion 9g 01s 25c
    Aboraz Jerkin of the Stormblast 8g 75s 78c
    Direforge Helm of the Earthshaker 8g 80s 23c
    Nethander Crystal of the Wildfire 9g 72s 17c
    Ruined Embersilk Scraps (66) 15s 30c each 10g 09s 80c
    Roasted Beef (44) 9s 00c each 3g 96s 00c
    Sparkling Oasis Water (21) 6s 18c each 1g 29s 78c
    Scavenged Animal Parts (8) 17s 44c each 1g 39s 52c
    Robbie's Wobbly Staff 5g 17s 77c
    Knog's Bow of Ineptitude 3g 38s 35c
    Plugged Rifle 3g 39s 55c
    Perforated Plate Chestpiece (2) 2g 63s 80c each 5g 27s 60c
    Clammy Mail Armor 2g 25s 26c
    Pockmarked Cloth Vest (3) 1g 46s 88c each 4g 40s 64c
    Clammy Mail Shoulderpads 1g 70s 32c
    Dirt-Caked Belt (2) 91s 11c each 1g 82s 22c
    Dirt-Caked Pants 1g 91s 18c
    Perforated Plate Helmet 2g 01s 79c
    Dirt-Caked Gloves 96s 96c
    Perforated Plate Gloves 1g 32s 18c
    Clammy Mail Bracers 1g 11s 41c
    Pockmarked Cloth Boots 1g 15s 95c

    Total = 309g 26s 51c

  25. @Rzarazor That is some crazy RNG on the greens. Go out and buy a lottery ticket NOW! Looks like we have a new leader.

    *Hears Alto sharpening his blades as we speak* ;)

  26. Well, when you kill and loot almost 800 mobs in an hour you're bound to get a few extra greens :)

  27. @Rzarazor Lawls. I hereby dub this new statistic MKPH (Mobs Killed Per Hour).

    800? You killed one mob every 4.5 seconds. Crazy.

  28. Awww man, I suck at this! I took my DK back to Stonehearth in Deepholm, killed almost non-stop for the whole hour & still only got to 126gish. I just need to kill quicker I think & some RNG luck too :D

  29. @Nev Me too. I imagine Rzarazor and Alto as the Tasmanian Devil just one huge swirling tornado of death. lol.

    I either need to kill faster of find more expensive vendor trash.

  30. Here's a video of how I did it, at least a small part of my grind. Helps to have an iLvl 365 hunter with a certain spec at this area :)

  31. Here are the results of my third Trash Dash.

    I got 28 Tiny Treasure Chests.

    Hunter - Fractured Front, Deepholm

    [Pockmarked Hat],1,1.1511,1.1511
    [Knog's Bow of Ineptitude],1,3.3835,3.3835
    [Embersilk Cloth],235,0.0075,1.7625
    [Clammy Mail Shoulderpads],1,1.7032,1.7032
    [Perforated Plate Belt],2,1.2876,2.5752
    [Dirt-Caked Belt],1,0.9111,0.9111
    [Ruined Embersilk Scraps],38,0.153,5.814
    [Dirt-Caked Bracers],1,0.9731,0.9731
    [Perforated Plate Gloves],1,1.3218,1.3218
    [Scavenged Animal Parts],15,0.1744,2.616
    [Baradin Cowl of the Beast],1,2.2445,2.2445
    [Baradin Cowl of the Feverflare],1,5.2445,5.2445
    [Rocktusk Waistband of the Monkey],1,4.3833,4.3833
    [Brightwood Leggings of the Sorcerer],1,6.8534,6.8534
    [Baradin Leggings of the Seer],1,6.5353,6.5353
    [Jasperlode Legplates of the Soldier],1,12.1918,12.1918
    [Bramblescar Bracers of the Bandit],1,5.4845,5.4845
    [Brightwood Handwraps of the Seer],1,3.4533,3.4533
    [Roasted Beef],25,0.09,2.25
    [Sparkling Oasis Water],4,0.0618,0.2472
    [Nethander Amulet of the Feverflare],1,6.4524,6.4524
    [Jasperlode Shield of the Beast],1,11.3477,11.3477
    [Brightwood Robe of the Eagle],1,6.96,6.96
    [Mirkfallon Amulet of the Elder],1,6.3261,6.3261
    [Fargodeep Girdle of the Beast],1,6.3798,6.3798
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.5059,3.5059
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,4.2835,4.2835
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.1866,3.1866
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.2497,2.2497
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,1.8991,1.8991
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,5.4243,5.4243
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.6986,2.6986
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,5.4597,5.4597
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.4144,2.4144
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.1887,3.1887
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,4.37,4.37
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.5873,3.5873
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.547,2.547
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.7402,2.7402
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,4.7971,4.7971
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,5.1449,5.1449
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,4.9694,4.9694
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.5235,2.5235
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.6597,3.6597
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,2.9971,2.9971
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,5.1647,5.1647
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.9125,3.9125
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.0442,3.0442
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,5.1896,5.1896
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,1.8042,1.8042
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.7463,3.7463
    Tiny Treasure Chest - Gold,1,3.8047,3.8047
    [Volatile Air],19,0.0875,1.6625
    [Volatile Earth],12,0.0875,1.05
    [Volatile Fire],11,0.0875,0.9625
    [Volatile Life],18,0.0875,1.575
    [Volatile Water],16,0.0875,1.4
    [Elementium Ore],9,0.005,0.045
    [Pyrite Ore],13,0.01,0.13
    Final Total 213.7032

    It added up to a lot less then it felt like while I was doing it. Also my bags got full at the end even with 45 slots open.

    I also recorded all the contents of the Tiny Treasure Chests and might do something with them in the future.

  32. @Rzarazor hmm, yeah ilvl 365 might have a lot to do with it then! (although I'm not doubting skill is huge part too). My DK is only ilvl 335-ish & the numbers popping up all over your screen are wayyyyyyy higher than mine ever were! lol. Great fun to watch though :)

  33. I took the challenge, here are the results..

    stonehearth/fractured front in Deepholm,,

    vendor trash,1,32.3347
    treasure chests gold,1,71.9581
    angerfang mace of the earthshaker,1,16.9698
    hiri'watha belt of the marksman,1,5.2781
    mardenholde dagger of the windflurry,1,18.5520
    brightwood wristwraps of the beast,1,3.6238
    darrowmere cowl of the seer,1,5.3706
    fargodeep vambraces of the wavecrest,1,6.1479
    baradin cord of the elder,1,3.2420
    angerfang staff of the eagle,1,22.0036
    greaves of the sullen earth,1,15.6666
    darrowmere cowl of the eagle,1,5.3706
    baradin cowl of the wildfire,1,5.2445
    jasperlode shield of the invoker,1,11.3477
    yojamba shoulders of the marksman,1,6.5300
    hiri'wwatha helm of the undertow,1,7.7125
    nethander ring of the whale,1,6.4524
    sundown vest of the bandit,1,10.2975
    mirkfallon spellblade of the undertow,1,17.4495
    mirkfallon spellblade of the eagle,1,17.4495
    nethander ring of the faultline,1,6.4524
    jasperlode helm of the soldier,1,8.5944
    nethergarde knuckles of the windflurry,1,17.6393
    darrowmere cowl of the wildfire,1,5.3706

    volatile earth,4,0.3500
    volatile water,7,0.6125
    volatile air,6,0.5250
    volatile fire,5,0.4375
    pyrite ore,6,0.6000
    elementium ore,4,0.0200

    embersilk cloth,69,0.5175


  34. @Felt Impressive Felt. I do believe that puts you in the lead. Good on you mate!

  35. Gained 381.2548g in my run., at Ascendant's Rise in Hyjal.

    Screenshot of my item breakdown is here:

    I frapsed it too for some reason but im far too lazy to do anything with it, lol.

  36. @Foursection Those are some impressive results. I believe that moves you into the lead. I'll have to give that area another look.

    What class did you farm on?

  37. @Foursection Felt is a warrior as well I believe. I'd love to see some of the footage even if it was just one circuit's worth.

  38. @fluxdada I'll see what I can do. Looks like i gotta go find myself some video software.

  39. I figured it out!

    Disregard the crappy editing/UI/clicking.

  40. @Foursection Thanks so much for putting that together. I'll have to give that spot a shot. Greens and chest drops seem quite high.

  41. [quote]stonehearth/fractured front in Deepholm[/quote]

    Just did this as well, this area is insane.
    I dont have the numbers printed out as some so dont count this as a registration for the contest.

    My actual results where even better, but I had to destroy about 20gish of trash to make room for more tresure chests and cloth...

    Results where :

    254g from looting and vendoring and opening chests
    17 green items
    31 treasure chests
    after opening the chests , I had about
    500 cloth
    3 more greens
    19 elementium ore
    11 pyrite ore
    5 fire / 3 air / 17 water / 2 life / 6 earth volatiles

    Class I did this with was MM hunter.

    I dont need the money, but whenever I need cloth Ill keep doing this, its a lot of fun actually trying to get as much as possible in an hour :D

  42. @benno1980 Great results! I am in love with that spot. Thinking of farming it with a potion to get greens to sell on the AH. Prices of 77-80 greens are quite high atm.