Stalking Auction House Campers and Undercutters

In this short video I go over a few advanced espionage tactics for those trying to find an advantage making sales in heavily camped markets such as glyphs of cut gems.

If you can't be online more than your competition you have to be more creative than your competiton. In this example I use the /tar command along with raid markers to help track my main glyph competition.

Find more super-secret spy tips after the jump.

Advanced Auction House Combat Tactics (AAHCT):
  • Have 100% of your major competitors on your friends list.
  • Pay attention to them coming online of going offline. Posting after they go offline is a solid strategy.
  • Use an addon like SLDataText to easily track their whereabouts.
  • Place raid markers on them (right click on their target frame and select a Raid Marker).
  • Watch for any "robotic" behavior, repetitive movements or walking the exact same patch over and over from the mail box to the auctioneer. This may indicate a auction house bot program. Report suspected auction house bots immediately.
  • Make notes of which auction house each competitor utilizes as well as times you've seen them on.
  • Do your own auctions in Dalaran or Shattath to help avoid them spying on you (at least visibly).

Remember: "All is fair in love and war". Now get out there and slaughter your competition...with your brain!

Talking Points:
  • What tactics do you employ to give yourself an advantage in heavily camped markets?
  • What other "creative" solutions have you found for not being able to camp the auction house as often as your competition? 
  • How do you determine when it's time to move out of a heavily camped market?

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  1. I've been stalking your competition now for 2 years straight

  2. Stalk your competition on your alt and open combat log to see what they are making!
    Obviously, put them on your friend's list first
    and then send an alt to go spy on them.

  3. Oh and when you are crafting? Go into the Stockades and noone can snoop on the combat log to see what you are making.

  4. Go in Ragefire Chasm if you are Horde and do your crafting so noone can read the combat log when you are making stuff in Ogrimaar.

  5. @Saffronia I hadn't thought of that but I like the idea of going into "stealth" mode to craft. If you are in Dalaran you could use Violet Hold in a similar way.


  6. I am currently in the midst of tracking three main competitors and three minor competitors. My main competitors employ bot behavior where they log in/out at very particular times, and undercut competition immediately; which is why I constantly have at least one ticket open against them. The minor competitors show human behaviors, so they're easier to overcome.

    I like the raid target idea. I already craft my items in an alternative location away from my competition and keep them on my friends list. One tip not mentioned is using the focus target to watch what they're crafting. This is similar to the combat log idea.

    So what happens when your competitions' posting/undercutting schedules overlap each other? That is my present dilemma.

  7. One of my competitors turned me in for being a bot. I sell toons on a hunter in Ironforge and have aspect of the cheetah always buffing me to run faster. I run fast to the auction house, mailbox and bank and guild bank.
    After selling glyphs in Ironforge for over 9 months straight, the path is rather monotonous.

    I purposely make comments in trade chat so people believe I'm a real live human being and not a bot. My competitor still believes I bot now and then because I went with the flow in our conversation once and said, "Ya, my bot program does not like delineating from the linear paths of mailbox, bank, gbank and back to auction house".

  8. What happens when your competition doesn't ever log out? There are at least 2 on my server that are on constantly.

    As an insomnia sufferer, who also works from home. I can be on all hours of day and night, so I can say they are on with some degree of certainty.

    Maybe I should just switch servers.

    1. Tough call. Perhaps diversify into a few other markets and use your skills to work them?