Setting Up TradeSkillMaster Groups - A Beginner's Guide Video

A very common question I get asked is "How do I set up auctioning groups in TradeSkillMaster." TradeSkillMaster (or TSM) is a very powerful addon but it can be intimidating at first.

I made this video as a step-by-step guide to setting up auctioning groups for those players new to the addon. I hope it will answer many of those questions and allow players to get up and running with TradeSkillMaster quickly.

If there is a topic you would like to see covered in a future video let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the post. You make this look very easy. I am finally going to try and set this up tonight. TSM looks to be a great tool, I really havent been able to use it for much other than the deal finder.

    As and aside, I heard you talk about addons a few episodes ago. I like your ui. Which addons do you use to set the ui up with? If its already posted, let me know and I will have a look.

  2. @Vergadin Funny you should ask. After numerous requests asking which addons I use I've added a new "Flux's Addons" page to Power Word: Gold.

    You can find the page by clicking "ADDONS" in the top navigation.

    The page is still a little rough and I plan to continue to improve it but it should give you a starting point.

  3. Thanx Flux, having a look now =)

  4. Ok, I got this all set up with 2 minor problems. At first I wasn't seeing some of the options I saw you clicking. So I did some poking around and in the options for TSM categories and groups there is a check box that you must select to see advanced menus, I clicked that and wallah! I was able to follow along with the excellent tutorial np. The other thing I didn't know how to do was actually post using TSM. This was pretty straight forward to . Just go to the nearest ah. click TSM in the top right, and then click post auctions and confirm the ones you want to post.

    Now I just want to know where I will get all the time to set this up. jk, I will invest the time now to save the time posting later. I never cancel/undercut so it wont be that bad after its set up. I still use auctioneer to batch post stuff too. Which method (tsm or auctioneer) do you think is more efficient/better?

  5. @Vergadin Ahh that might explain why some others have been seeing something different than I. Wasn't even aware that option existed. I'll look it over and get back to the other confused users. Nice catch.

    As far as which is is best between Auctioneer and TSM i use a fair mix of both. If its a price sensitive item (like cut Inferno Rubies or Cata leg armors) I will post using Auctioneer's Appraiser tab as it gives me more control and I can watch the market better.

    If is a sort of "auto-post" type item like vendor recipes of vendor pets I'll set up my TSM groups and just repost whet doesn't sell.

    Unfortunately there is no "magic bullet" that solves all our auctioning needs so have multiple tools is the best bet.

  6. Does TSM work in such a way as to alert you to buy elementium to prospect then send the carnelians to your Alch then sell those?

    Last night it had me buy saronite for a alchemist xmute, I am pretty sure this was what I did.

  7. @Scott For that specific need (knowing which is the best way to utilize your Cataclysm ore) use the addon OreCrusher after a full AH scan.

    It gives recommendations on whether sell raws/cut, transmute or crafting jewelry/DEing.

  8. The Videos are great ... but how would i set up with a horde AND alliance on the SAME account.... i have tried to make different profiles, but my Inscription on the horde is not as skilled as my inscription on the alliance. When i Set up the horde Profile it copies all the recipes from the Alliance Inscription. So this give me a false set of things that need to be made.

  9. @Draven006 Unfortunately I don't know how to do this. I'd recommend using the TradeSkillMaster Feedback Page or perhaps asking on their IRC.

    They can do a better job asnwering that specific question.