On The Seventh Day Flux Rested

It's been an exciting and busy 4 months since the Power Word: Gold blog came into existence. I've met so many awesome people and learned so much.

Today however while we were recording this week's Podcast something was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but something was just a bit "off". Rather than put out a sub-par podcast I decided to stop and think really hard about why we were having such an off day.

Find out what I discovered after the jump.

After some pondering I decided that a blog/podcast vacation was in order. You can only go so long pushing so hard before you need a little recharge. With that in mind I'm going to take a "mini-vacation" from blogging and podcasting.

I plan to resume posting on Power Word: Gold as well as putting out a new podcast on Tuesday June 14, 2011. I may still be lurking on twitter as well as answering emails sent to periodically but for the most part I'll be /afk.

Just to head off any speculation no I'm not "burned out" on blogging or podcasting. I love blogging and podcasting which is why I'm taking some time off to make sure I can maintain the high-quality you've come to expect from Power Word: Gold.

"But what are we going to read while you're gone?" 

Fear not!. I've build you a wonderful "World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory" with over 50 blogs with the latest gold-making news and strategies. Give them a read (and leave comments). I'll also be keeping tabs on gold-making news while I'm "away".

Again thanks for all of your support in our first 4 months of blogging. We expect the next 4 months to be just as exciting and action-packed which is why this time off is so needed.

If you have any questions about the break let me know in the comments or via email.

I love you all and look forward to jumping back in on June 14, 2011. -flux

/dnd Gone Fishing

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  1. Rest well, friend. Enjoy your time away.

  2. Just as I start up my blogging again you decide to take a break! 555 I'm looking forward to your return but, in the meantime, I hope you relax and enjoy the fishing!

  3. Hope you're ok, enjoy the fishing & I'll look forward to your return :)

  4. You've put in a hell alot of work in 4 months .O This might give me time to read up on the older stuff. I'm having a great time away from the AH (ofc I still post auctions, but it's in such a small quantity that I see at as not posting).

    Thanks for the inspiration overlal! Take it easy and i'll look forward to your return.

    @Bill Seeing the 555 after hearing what it means really changes things :D

  5. See you when you return. I worked my rogue to 79 this weekend, he skins. I want him to do the Sindrosa roost route with treasure potions soon!

  6. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your rest. I hope it wasn't my long question that precipitated this and if you fish under bridges, keep an eye out for trolls