Cataclysm Skinning + Potion of Treasure Finding = 3000 Gold Per Hour

In this video I demonstrate how I utilize the Potion of Treasure Finding to help motivate and focus my skinning sessions.

While I'm not one to harp on "gold per hour" it was nice to see that I was able to get around 3000g worth of materials in this one hour farming session.

Full video notes (and more grinding spots) after the jump.

Getting There
The area I'm skinning in is called "Sethria's Roost" in Mt. Hyjal. Take the portal from Stormwind/Orgrimmar to My. Hyjal. It's is a short flight from Nordrassil to Sethria's Roost.

Fly from Nordrassil (Mt. Hyjal) to Sethria's Roost. 

The Numbers
Here are the final totals for the grinding session shown in the video. (All prices were the current auction house prices on my server at the time I made the video. Please check your server's auction house for prices specific to you.)

(139) Savage Leather = 1,159g (as Pristine Hides)
(23) Embersilk Cloth = 31g
(4) Volatile Air = 74g
(2) Volatile Fire = 32g
(3) Volatile Life = 33g
(46) Blackened Dragonscales = 782g
(2) Green-quality Items = 63g
Vendor Trash = 56g
Total = 2,230g
(2) Pristine Hides = 834g
Grand Total = 3,064g
Total Minus AH Fees = 2,910g
Average = 48g per minute

The Motivation
I find that using the 60 minute Potion of Treasure Finding duration as my grinding time limit really allows me to put my head down focus.For those next 60 minutes I have only one purpose: kill kill kill.

In a game that seems build to distract us *ohhh shiney!!* anything that helps me focus *mining node!!* on a single task is a good *rare spawn!!* thing.

Because the more mobs I kill the more chances I have to have a Tiny Treasure Chest drop means that I will also be getting more of what ever item I am grinding to obtain. It may be Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscales, Delicate Wings, Embersilk Cloth, etc. The list could go on and on.

If an item drops from a Cataclysm mob you want, consider using a Potion of Treasure Finding to help focus your grinding time. (Plus it gets addicting to hear the distinctive sound of a treasure chest going into your bags.)

A Note On Chests
It should be noted that the number of Tiny Treasure Chests you recieve is really up to the random number generator (RNG). In the my grinding sessions I have recieved as few as 4 per hour (such as in this video) and as many as 14 per hour.

The randomness continues on when opening the Tiny Treasure Chests. I've received as many as 5 different items in one Tiny Treasure Chest while another contained only a few gold. In other words: Random number generator is random.

I think of the Tiny Treasure Chests more as a nice added bonus. Not the main focus of the grinding session.

Other Good Spots
In the video above I only cover one of the locations where I use the Potion of Treasure Finding. While I'm always looking for more here are a couple of my current favorites:
  • Black dragons in "Obsidium Forest" on the beach in Twilight Highlands. 
    • Savage Leather
    • Blackened Dragonscale
    • Dragon Flank
    • Pristine Hide
  • Diseased Vultures in "Cradle of the Ancients" in southwest Uldum
Making gold doesn't always have to involve staying planted inside the auction house. Even the greediest auctioneers need sun once and a while. 

While this type of farming may not rival other "mega-gold-per-hour" techniques (such as flipping 20,000 gold epic items) it is a solid way to spend some of your gold-making time. (You may even improve your DPS rotation in the process.)

Talking Points
  • What are your favorite places/mobs to use the Potion of Treasure Finding?
  • What is the range in the number of chests you tend to get in one hour?
  • What other forms of farming have you found be profitable?

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  1. My girlfriend is doing almost exactly the same as you, she farms with potion of TF in the Obsidium Forest and when I was listening to the podcast I kept saying, you're doing the same as Flux. She, unlike me, appears to be a natural goldmaker like yourself. I on the other hand, need your tips and I think the podcast is just getting better and better as you and Jokinee become more comfortable with each other. Keep up the good work.

  2. You're a sneaky little Flux, aren't you? Just had to get the last word in, eh? Lol. The reason I stay "planted" is because I found myself some magic beans, and I don't trust the sun because he'll steal them from me...

    Aside from the vendor trash, I can take everything else you listed and turn it into even more gold in far less than an hour, all from my comfortable, dark, damp little AH cave.

    To each his own, right?

    BTW, you didn't factor in the cost of your potion. Small thing, but it's the type of small little detail that makes the "darkness" profitable.


  3. @Scallywwagg Those of use who have SO's that play WoW are pretty lucky. *ducks*

    @Kathroman Believe me my characters skin is just as pasty as the next but once in a while you gotta let the sun steal a few of your beans.

  4. Great post! I was waiting for someone to post numbers about that spot.

    Quick note on the Tiny Treasure Chests: Yes, random number is random and I've been lucky enough once to have picked up around 20+ in an hour once. But apparently so far my investigation (and Faid's, as she posted about it once) is pointing towards a 6% drop rate average.

    And yes that Potion is a great focus for me as well. I got nothing else to do but get as many Chests looted as the clock is ticking down!

    I also wrote a post about the Obsidium Forest spot.
    I plan to farm the heck out of that spot in the next few weeks to get ready for the Patch 4.2 crafting mats.

  5. @Khalior Great post! One of my skinners still hasn't down that quest yet. I'll give it a go.

    Also I added Khalior's Tentacular Junkpile to the World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory. If you have a twitter if email/contact page you'd like displayed publicly send me an email and I'll get them added.

  6. Flux,

    The two Pristine Hides you listed toward the bottom of your calc, are those in addition to the ones that you converted from the Savage Leather?

    I'm working on a math post of my own that I think you will enjoy, just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

  7. As a skinner, my spot is almost completely useless, however, I farm it for disenchantable greens as well as for Embersilk cloth for my tailor. Needlerock slag in deepholm, where the stone trolls are battling all the trogs is a GREAT place for the treasure finding pots. I have pulled as many as 25 chests out of a single hour, usually netting around 200 cloth when all is said and done.

  8. @Kathroman Yes in addition. The hide I skinned and the one that procced from my Bountiful Bags guild perk.

    @Jon Jacob Correct. The lower Savage Leather drop amount in Sethria's Roost is compensated buy the faster-spawning, lower health and closer together mobs (compared to Twilight Highlands) thus boosting Blackened Dragonscale and Tiny Treasure Chest drop rates/chances.

  9. Hello just read your guide I enjoyed it quiet a bit. The only problem I had with it was that the mobs you are farming dropped the leather scraps which my lock can't use so went to Twilight Highlands and here are my results if you are interested.

    Savage Leather - 170 - 1274g (converted to 2 Pristine and 1 stack left to goto AH)
    Blackened Dragonscales - 47 - 643g
    Embersilk - 30 - 87g
    Volatile Fire - 14 - 203g
    Volatile Air - 3 - 48g
    Dragon Flank - 33g
    Vendor Trash - 90g
    Made about 100g from the silver and tiny treasure chests, tho I only got 6 =(

    Grand Total - 2478g on my server
    (not sure what the AH cut will be)

    Not as good as yours but took me about 20 minutes to get into a route when i had never farmed there. Oh wells not too bad for a beginner =D

  10. #Nathan Not bad. Not bad at all! I wouldn't sneeze at 2.5k gold per hour!

  11. Hi u say something about u got something makeing it possible to drop 2 pritne hide or a like at once.. what was that again? :)
    btw, Thunbs up!

    1. It's part of the guild perk "Bountiful Bags" that gives a chance to get extra materials when gathering.

  12. I made even more than 3000g per hour by farming in the obsidian forest, however I just got suspended for 3 days. I hope blizzard doesn't think I was botting. I made 19 dragonscale leg armors in about 5 hours. <_<