Auction House Basics: Auctionator Shopping Lists

Today I wanted to go over the basics of setting up "Shopping Lists" in the Auctionator addon. Shopping lists are a great way to keep an eye on items and markets that are important to your gold-making efforts.

I use Auctionator Shopping Lists multiple times a day to check my most important markets. I'm including some of my own favorite shopping lists after the jump to get you started.

The Setup
If you aren't already using it you can download Auctionator at the Auctionator download page. Once you install it you will have three new tabs at the bottom of your auction window: "Buy", "Sell" and "More".

Auctionator addon "Buy" tab.

Today we are focusing on the "Buy" tab. Select the Buy tab and your window should look roughly like the image above (minus the shopping lists on the left).

  • Click the "New Shopping List" button in the lower left corner.
  • Name your shopping list. 
  • Click "Accept"

Your new shopping list is ready for you to populate it. In order to do this you will be performing searches for items and pressing the "Add Item" button in the lower left.

A new Shopping List in the Auctionator Buy tab.

You can add lots of items to a shopping list but I like to break related items into their own groups to make searching fast and easy.

Example search for Volatile Life. Pressing "Add Item" adds it to the Shopping List.

A Few Of My Lists
Below are a few of the Auctionator Shopping Lists I use most. Feel free to copy and paste the item names from this page into your Auctionator search box to make creating these lists easier.

Items with " " around them will only search for the specific item (raw gems and not cut gems for example) so be sure to include them as part of the search where indicated.

  • Green Gems (This is the list I use to watch prices for Cataclysm uncommon gems.)
    • "Alicite"
    • "Carnelian"
    • "Hessonite"
    • "Jasper"
    • "Nightstone"
    • "Shadowspirit Diamond" (I include the raw meta gem in this list to watch for price spikes since I search for this list at least once a day.)
    • "Zephyrite"

  • Inferno Ruby (This is my list to watch for Inferno Ruby raw and cut prices as well as transmute mat costs.)
    • "Carnelian"
    • "Inferno Ruby"
    • Bold Inferno Ruby
    • Brilliant Inferno Ruby
    • Delicate Inferno Ruby
    • Heartblossom

  • Ore (This is by far my most used list. I check Cataclysm Ore and bar prices to prepare for shuffling.)
    • "Elementium Bar"
    • "Obsidium Bar"
    • Elementium Ore
    • Obsidium Ore
    • Pyrite Ore
    • Pyrium Bar
    • Saronite Ore

  • Savage Leather (This is the list I search when putting numbers into my Savage Leather spreadsheet.)
    • "Pristine Hide"
    • "Savage Leather"
    • Heavy Savage Leather
    • Savage Leather Scraps

These are just a few of the over 30 Auctionator Shopping Lists I use in my gold-making efforts. Once you start searching this way you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Searching for All Items
To search for the items once you have your shopping list complete:
  • Select the shopping list name from the drop down in the upper right of the "Buy" tab. 
  • Press the "Search for All Items" button in the lower left.

Example Auctionator Shopping List after pressing "Search for All Items".
After the search is completed you can find more information by selecting an individual item from the results. This is great if you want to be sure there isn't just one cheap item giving you misleading true cost results.

After selecting a search result a "Back" button appears. Use it to return to results.

After selecting an item you can press the "Back" button to get back to the results page. This is great if you're wanting more detail on multiple items.

What Will You Shop For?
Auctionator Shopping Lists are a great way to quickly search for pricing on just about any group of assorted items you could think of. 

They are great for checking on the current state of raw uncommon Cataclysm gems for example. This is important information to have if you were trying to decide for example whether to sell raws, make jewelery, transmute rares or transmute meta gems.

Next time you find yourself looking for the same item for the 100th time ask yourself if it would this be a good candidate for a shopping list. Anything that saves you time makes you money.

Talking Points
  • What items do you find yourself searching the auction house for multiple times a day?
  • What current Auctionator shopping lists do you use the most?
  • What would you like covered in future "Auction House Basics" posts?

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  1. My shopping lists look pretty much like yours, with the exception of the Inferno Ruby list. (I've just been too lazy to create the list and have just searched manually for that one.)

    What perks my interest is the Savage Leather Spreadsheet you mentioned. Can you tell me more about that? :)


  2. Thanks for this post. I didn't know about the "" before.

  3. Great insight....thanks for the specific list suggestions. Since I am leveling JC and inscription right now, and I have a maxed alchemist (trans master), this is really going to help. I already had Auctionator, and never even used that function before.

  4. I just realized whose blog this was after I commented...ironically I'm listening to your podcasts right now. Good work, good info too.

  5. A favorite at another time was the "blackfallow ink" "etheral ink" and the rest of the " INK lists where the the lists had all the herbs that could be use to make said ink... VERY SWEET...

    and thanks for the " xxx " tip

  6. good stuff, please post your shopping lists and show us how to import them =)

  7. @Zathanos Synn`Malache My Savage Leather spreadsheet is essentially a grid where you enter the AH prices at the top for Scraps, Savage, Heavy Savage and Pristine Hide and the spreadsheet does the multiplication/division to display "equivalent" prices for all possible forms the leather could take (Scraps/Savage/Heavy/Hides). This way I know what the most profitable form is before i do any conversions.

    I may have to do a post about it in the future.

    @Vergadin I gave you a few list and how to enter them (copy/paste item names). Now its up to you to build lists that pertain to your own gold-making techniques. ;)

  8. I've been using Auctionator for awhile now - primarily for the 'More' tab - aka, searching for undercuts... BUT I've never setup a shopping list nor used the Buy tab at all. I'm in a class right now (going back to complete my BS in Network Security) but tomorrow I'm going to start using the shopping lists.


  9. I love the shopping list in Auctionator, but I never looked into the search all feature. That's a real time saver. I'll begin using it once I begin crafting actively again.