Adding Item Links To Barking Macros

There are times when adding an item link to your barking macros can mean the difference between making the sale and getting passed over.

Most of us should know how to add an item link if we're barking in trade to sell one item (hold Shift+Left Click the item in your bag) but what if you want a macro to bark the item over and over?

What if you want to bark an item you yourself don't posses (like a Fortune Card forth 5000 gold)? Find the detailed instructions as well as an instructional video after the jump.

How To Video:

Detailed Instructions:

Getting the Item Link
The first thing we will need is an item link in out inventory or retrieved from To create item links from Wowhead first search for the item you would like to link.

Searching for the item we would like to link. A Fortune Card worth 5k in this example.

In this example I am searching for "Fortune Card" and selecting the epic 5000g card from the results.

Click "Link" to get the script code used to link the item in game. Click for larger image.

Once on the Wowhead item page click the "Link" button in the upper right. Copy the code out of the pop-up window that appears.

Paste the script into your chat window and press Enter. A usable item link appears in your chat log.

Once back in-game, paste the copied script into your chat window and press Enter. An item link should appear in your chat log. Shift+Left Clicking this item link serves the same function as if we were Shift+Left Clicking an actual item in our bags.

Creating the Macro
Now we need to create a macro to easily bark our items in trade chat. Open up your macro window by pressing "Macro" on your in-game menu or simply type "/m" in your chat window and press Enter.

Press "New" to create a new macro. Give it a name and a unique icon and press Okay.

Now we will write the macro. I'm going to be very un-creative in my example and leave the creative barks up to you.

To make our macro talk in trade chat we are going to enter the chat channel number for trade chat. Most of the time this will be "2" so we will begin with "/2".

Type the text you want the macro to bark up until the point you want to insert the item link. Here is my example so far:

/2 You could win a

Inserting the Item Link into the script.

Now we are going to leave the macro window up and in our regular chat window we are going to paste in the following script. (Credit for this bit of code goes to the forum post "[How to] Link any Item in a Macro".)

/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")

Now comes the tricky part. You need to click to put your cursor in between the two quotation marks. (You can also hold Alt and press the left arrow key 2 times to move the cursor over into the right spot.)

Once you have your cursor positioned Shift+Left Click the item link from your chat window (if you used Wowhead) or item from in your bags. This should insert the item link into the code as shown in the screen show above.

Macro Item Link success!

If the item link is properly between the quotation marks hit Enter. If it worked properly the colored and bracketed ([  ]) item link should now show up in your macro window as part of your macro.

You can now finish your macro. Feel free to include other items if needed such as a Mysterious Fortune Card.

My final macro reads:

/2 You could win a [Fortune Card] from a [Mysterious Fortune Card] today!

So Many Uses
Once you learn how to put items links into your barking macros you will find many other places where item links will help boost sales. I use an item link in my barks about selling Dust of Disappearance.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can always have that little script text handy for the next time you need to build a macro with an item link.

Talking Points
  • What items could you see benefiting from item links in your barking macros?
  • What items do you use macros to bark and what are your most creative barks?
  • What other WoW scripts do you know about?

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  1. Still like the AnounceIt Add-On better than using scripts, especially since I have about 20 barks for selling the same item. The ability to click and select from your list of barks is just a lot easier than having to set up hot keys and toolbars to hold 20+ different macros for one item.

    I too have been barking about Dust of Disappearance being cheaper on the auction house than from a vendor. Seems to help me sell out each night and gives me another option for moving blackfallow ink without creating just you-know-whats.

    Nice walk-through post Flux!

  2. "[Fortune Cookie] on the AH. Best lvl 81+ food buff with a [Mysterious Fortune Card] inside...."

    I've been using variations of this bark to advertise the cookies and the cards in one click. Use that one and watch the sales of both items come pouring in.