Using TradeSkillMaster, Auctioneer and Auctionator - A Video Tutorial

In part one I go over how I use Auctioneer as my workhorse addon in my day-to-day gold-making.

Watch parts two and three after the jump.

In part two I cover using Auctionator to make shopping lists, buy items and more.

In part three I cover how I utilize TradeSkillMaster to queue, create and sell glyphs. I also discuss using TSM for posting (and re-posting) items I sell on a regular basis such as vendor items.

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial. It's always nice to see how others utilize addons in their gold-making efforts.

Talking Points:
  • What are your top three gold-making addons?
  • What areas of these three particular addons should I explore further?
  • What additional addons do you use to help speed up your day-to-day routine?

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  1. Awesome tutorial. We operate almost identically - I feel like I may doing things the right way lol. TSM is great, especially for glyphs, but I think there are at least 2-3 other people on my server using the same method hehe.

    I like your price range categories in TSM. I'll probably set something similar up.

  2. Extremely helpful thanks a a lot. I got the addons installed and its saving me ~20min because putting up glyphs is so easy now. Thanks

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  4. Nice video. I left Auctioneer and haven't missed it, but it seems that i'll try it out for a few things again. I think it's necessary as i'm increasing the amount of markets i'm in daily. I found some useful basic information that i had missed too.

    My fav addons are Auctionator, TSM and Za for scanning, but i'm slowly replacing it with TSM.
    I use Betterinbox to retrieve mail since I had issues with Postal at some point. I think I used it during the transition from LK to Cata so it wasn't running smoothly either. It retreived mail slower as well.

  5. What is the bag program you are using btw?