The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 005

Episode 005 of The Power Word Gold Podcast. Hosts flux and Jokine bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from the last week.

In this week's episode we discuss how to process large amounts of herbs, how we made gold this week, transitioning from ore to herbs for Patch 4.1, how to live without the Obsidium Shuffle and flux learns a bit about Finland.

And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 005 Show Notes
  • The Power Word: Gold Podcast: Episode 005 was recorded Saturday April 16, 2011.
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  • No Patch 4.1 this last week. Read about the Patch 4.1 "GEMMAGEDDON!!" (including lots of new and updated links) on "The Obsidium Shuffle Is Dead - Patch 4.1 Uncommon Gem Vendor Price 75s"
  • How flux made gold this week:
    • The Obsidium Shuffle still going strong
    • Ore prices spiked this week at some points.
    • Mine>Smelt/Prospect>Mine>Smelt/Prospect etc.
    • Leveled 4th transmute specced alchemist.
    • Actually playing the game helps you find more ways to make gold.
    • Big availability choke points in the Alchemy leveling process may bring nice profits (eg. Gromsblood, Arthas Tear, Goldthorn and Blindweed).
    • Farming herbs in  Norhern Feralas can get your many desired Alchemy leveling herbs.
    • Primal Air are going for large sums on my server as they are used in making Primal Mights which are required for the Transmute Specialization in Alchemy.
    • Liquidating back stock of enchanting mats, gems, and more in preparation for Patch.
    • Glyphs: Profitable (but frustrating!)
    • Reported a auction house Bot.
  • How Jokine made gold this week:
    • Bought 600 stacks of Whiptail
    • Turned all Whiptail into 90 Darkmoon Cards
    • Trading darkmoon cards for Valor Boots plus gold.
    • Volatile Life most expensive part of making cards.
    • Sold 50 Mysterious Fortune Cards for ~9g Ink.
    • Buying Netherweave Cloth and selling Netherweave bags as fast as he can make them.
    • Selling Flash of Titanic Strength.
    • Selling Mythical Mana Potions for ~10g (4g mat price), health potions for ~20g.
  • -BREAK-  SLDataText - My favorite addon for keeping an eye on my competition. 
  • What comes after the Obsidium Shuffle goes away.
  • Jokine explains using herbs.
    • Check prices on "Use" Potions such as Potion of the Tol'vir, Volcanic Potion and Golemblood Potion.
    • Switching to Potion Spec Alchemist and back to Transmute Spec generally isn't worth the money unless making 500+ potions.
    • Make/sell some glyphs (if you don't have fierce competition).
  • Effects of Cataclysm herb flooding the market?
    • Stay out for now and watch what happens.
    • There is no hard price floor for herbs.
    • Lots of herbs in the game because people have stockpiled so much.
  • How to efficiently process large quantities of herbs.
    • Use the Panda addon to process all herbs into pigments.
    • Once pigments are processed you can AFK process inks.
    • Clear out bags and take herbs from bank. Mill all.
    • Put pigment into bank. 
    • Once milling done put pigments back into bags and make all inks.
    • Monitor ink creation as it can stop before done.
  • Check Alchemy items on the auction house to look for price spikes and alternate ways to bleed off herbs.
  • Check relic prices and craft profitable ones.
  • Buy/resell vendor bought Inscription items from Twilight Highlands used to make relics. 
  • Ore prices have been fluctuating.
  • Ore might be flooded but bots will still farm ore. Ore is still needed. Ore prices will still drop.

Talking Points
  • What is your plan for making gold with cheap Cataclysm herbs?
  • How did you make gold this last week?
  • What questions do you have for our next podcast?

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  1. Awesome post!

    PS: dont throw meatballs on me :/

  2. Hey Flux and Jokinee,

    Just finished listening to the podcast! Just wanted to say thx for the shoutout! Appreciate it bunches! :)

  3. Hey guys,
    Still listening to the podcast, I'm sick today and I love that y'all are on iTunes now so I can just lay in bed and listen to the podcast on my iPod. :D

    Going to finish listening after a nap, just wante dto say before I forget: Sold volume heat maps are really poor indications of if someone is botting. Check out this guy. That's my bank toon. What you said is true, I will likely be undercut on glyphs. But all it takes is for my competition to miss undercutting me on one glyph for me to get that little square colored in.

    Post activity is really the only thing TUJ has to give you a visual of if they may or may not be hacking, and you'll notice mine is quite colored in as it is!

    Also, it's not super reliable. I love TUJ, but it's definitely fallible, I've seen it give me credit for posting during times I know I was out of town, for instance, and no, I wasn't hacked to post auctions. ;P

  4. @Prncesspwn Np and thanks for listening!

    @Faid Thanks for the clarification and info about TUJ. I'll keep it in mind. Maybe I was just *hoping* they were botting. lol. Glyph competition is so cutthroat in my server. Maybe I should look into posting some glyphs cross-faction.

  5. Thanks for listening

    @Faid thats pretty interesting but he still may be bot. Anyways he probably got banned if he is or is not. You can report whoever you want but blizzard always makes further investigations before banning people. Which you probably know already

  6. Hey Flux and Jokinee!
    Thanks a ton for the shoutout! I realy appreciate it!

    @ Jokinee: I laughed so hard at your fake commercial for the blog-list ;-)
    @ Flux: outch, please stop singing :-D

    The podcast is getting better and better from show to show.

    2 things you shuold definitely keep up:

    - Dividing the show in topic-based sections
    It realy helps remembering all the good advice

    - Providing detailed show notes
    Even if it's realy a ton of work, adding timestamps to it like princesspwn does for the jmtc-meeting would be realy realy awesome for re-listening. Especially the non-native speakers would benefit a lot.

    Content based:

    Bot reporting:
    A little story about reporting botters. I only once reported a bot who posted 70+ stacks of obsidium a day for over 3 weeks straight. I opened up a ticket and had a talk with the GM. As I was monitoring that guy for a week (and buying all his stuff/making a fortune) I could give very detailed info about his posting patterns and quantities. The GM said he's investigating the thing.
    The next day the player was gone for at least a week and after he returned he never posted large quantities of mats again.
    Fun fact: I didn't even get contacted by a GM for buying all the underpriced stuff :-)

    Conclusion: Watch your bots closely gather intel and report. It's working and people get punished!

    Current state of the glyph market:
    The last days the glyph market on my server crashed down from 80-160g to unter 40g a piece. I can't determine wheter people just want to get out like in your example or instead are trying to drive the competition out because this secion of the market is becoming more important after the patch. I set my post minimum in TSM to 50g and try to sit out whats going on. Any advice?

    Ore drying out at the AH:
    Same here, I wonder if it's coming back after the patch.... For me personaly it would be realy bad as I'm making good profits crafting enchanting scrolls.

  7. Thanks for the shout out also. Loving the podcast, it's definitely getting better and better. I loved the conversation about food, with Jokinee trying to find the words to explain what he liked to eat - I was lolling.

  8. @Scally

    hahahaahahahha thanks

  9. Thanks for the shout altho you said was GrayzBDP hehe ^^'

    Good stuff as always! The Panda + Milling tip saved me quite a few minutes since i no longer need all of my macros. I disliked Panda in LK, but that's cause i was slacking

    Two questions about Panda:
    1. It won't automill altho i have it macrod and keybound, is that normal? It mills if i mill manually 1st tho.
    2. Can prospecting be macrod in a similar way? Couldn't find anything when looking in the JC window.

    Having the show notes posted is good. Saw them when listening for the 2nd time. The Arizona sun part was hilarious, missed it the 1st listen haha. Then when i skipped forward and came to the meat part i was like "what in bloody hell!! NO!". My negative side was very annoyed and thinking, "this is so wrong", but it's still right simply cause you guys do what you feel like, a 100% percent. "Personality goes a long way" - Pulp Fiction

    And then..The Swedish Meatbawller. ROFLMAO! Since i live in Sweden it made it even more hilarious thinking of people in the U.S seeing that mad man. Thanks for good info and a good laugh. I ended up laughing at Flux laughing hahaha!

  10. I really enjoyed the food section too :) I kept wanting to interrupt & help Jokinee explain minced meat :) I use maybe 2lbs of mince a week myself - bolognaise, home made burgers or chilli for example.

    Thanks for the shout out too. I look forward to listening every week now & I got addicted to podcasts in general, thanks to you & the AHJ guys.

  11. @GrayzBDF You have to open panda and click on the Inscription then the milling tab at the start of each milling section. I think it is a "load-on-demand" type of thing.

    Once you've activated it once in a session the macro should work until you log out. Hope that helps.