The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 004

We're proud to bring you The Power Word Gold Podcast - Episode 004. Your hosts flux and Jokine bring you the latest World of Warcraft gold-making news, tips and strategies from this last week.

In this week's episode we discuss the recent changes data-mined from the upcoming 4.1 patch (vendor prices for Cataclysm uncommon gems will be dropped dropping from 9 gold to 75 silver).

We go over what we have been doing in gold-making this week, how to make gold with limited time and much more. And now, on with the show!

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Full show notes after the jump.

Episode 004 Show Notes
Talking Points
  • What is your plan before the Patch 4.1 vendor price change hits live servers?
  • What are your tips for making gold when you have limited play-time?
  • What questions would you like answered in our next podcast?

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  1. Im sometimes embrassed to hear my own english >_>

  2. Nice seeing Jokine joining the podcast roster. Congratz!

    Good episode. I like the fact that you fill it with loads of thoughts about gold making and not wasting time speaking bout irrelevant jokes, trends in the game and whatever else other podcasts waste more or less time on.

    The commercials are fun too.

  3. @Grayz Thanks for listening (and commenting). We love doing the podcast and are glad to know our listeners like is as well.

    Don't miss Episode #005 coming Tuesday morning.