The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 003

Welcome to Episode 003 of The Power Word: Gold Podcast. This week we welcome our first-ever guest "Jokine" a gold-maker and PW:G reader from Finland.

We discuss cross-faction trading, farming Vanilla raids, epic Cataclysm gems and more. And now, on with the show!

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Show notes after the jump.

Show Notes
Talking Points
  • What is your "original recipe" for making gold on your specific server?
  • What topics and/or guests would you like to see featured in future podcasts?
  • What specific gold-making questions do you have for our next podcast?

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  1. Guessing that picture is me irl. Lol

  2. Absolutely love your site, twitter, and facebook! Been browsing fairly religiously for the past couple days and while I haven't had that much success playing the AH per your suggestions, you offer a great insight into an area in WoW that I thought was unreachable.

    The one problem I have is that you play a gnome...

  3. Gnome for life! (ProTip: Great Feast helps the auctioneers see you better.)

  4. It keeps getting better. Loved the co-host and a new voice in the goldmaking community. Following you on Twitter and Facebook.

  5. I tried commenting before, but needed an account. Tried all kinds of things and ended up making a Gmail one for this toon. Began following you guys on Twitter as well. Twitter feels better suited for gold making and WoW than irl friends. Odd, but true.

    Anyhows! Great episode. Good tips and it was good letting Jokine speak instead of asking generic questions like many interviewers do. I'm not saying that's what you'd do of course ^^'

    This podcast isn't the Hype, but with time people will understand that it's the one that most likely will be in the Top 2.