It's Official: Cut Uncommon Cata Gems Vendor for 75 Silver in Patch 4.1

Tuesday 26 April 2011 

12:45 PM PDT - No time for fancy posts atm just a quick note to say that it's official: Cut uncommon Cataclysm gems vendor for 75 silver.

I'll be updating this post with more info and links as they come in. More updates and links after the jump.

Cataclysm raw uncommon gems vendor for 5g.

12:56 PM PDT - Raw uncommon Cataclysm gems vendor for 5 gold. The Obsidium Shuffle profits have been cut in half. The new Obsidium Ore price floor is 30 gold per stack (~6 gems x 5 gold).

1:17 PM PDT - Tweet: @HazelWoW - "@PowerWordGold but no more hours of cuting/vendoring uncommons on the good side"

1:44 PM PDT - Link: "Patch 4.1 Is Here!" on Bangkok Bill's World of Goldcraft!!!

1:47 PM PDT - Link: "Official Patch 4.1 Changes That Affect You…" at Xander's Gold Mine

1:54 PM PDT - Info: AddOns that explode in Patch 4.1 atm: Carbonite, Mik Scrolling Battle Text, Shadowed Unit Frames (No!!), Recount, Power Auras Classic.

1:58 PM PDT - Tweet: @bangkokbill555 at 1:54 PM "Dungeon Finder appears to be broken ATM. I've gotta feeling rolling restarts will be coming soon..."

2:00 PM PDT - News: WoW Insider - "Patch 4.1: Combat log addons cause framerate issues"

2:02 PM PDT - Breaking: "Server restart in 15:00"

2:07 PM PDT - Tweet: @bangkokbill555 at 1:11 PM "New glyph: Glyph of Frost Armor is learned from Northrend Inscription Research."

2:28 PM PDT - Tweet: @BlizzardCS at 1:54 PM "We will be performing emergency restarts beginning at approximately 2:00 PM PDT to fix an in-game issue:"

2:40 PM PDT - Tweet: @Faidtastic at 1:51 PM "STV Fort Livingston: Skinner's paradise today." At 2:20 PM "@PowerWordGold green 2 me at max worgen skinning, mob level 83"

3:24 PM PDT - Changes: I have personally verified the following Inscription item changes. (Thanks to Alto for the heads up on the possibility of these changes.)

3:48 PM PDT - Possible opportunity: Gouging Snowfall Ink. 1 required for Northrend Inscr. Research to learn new Glyph of Frost Armor.

Also for some reason I received two different Brew of the Month Club brews in my mailbox: Blackrock Lager and Springtime Stout. This may be normal but I found it strange. According to this wowhead comment Blackrock Lager is June's Brew of the Month while Sprintime Stout is May's. Strange. Was beer the reason they had a server reset?

4:39 PM PDT - Additions: There are apphenently new level 85 quests available in Strangle Thorn Veil. One gives a panther cub companion pet.

6:12 PM PDT - Tips: If your having issues with auction addons not seeming to work close your auction window then reopen it. Many times this will allow them to function properly. (Thanks to Bangkok Bill for letting us know about this.)

6:23 PM PDT - Link: "Jewelcrafting in 4.1: Continued Success with Elementium Moebius Band" at Capped By Cata.

Talking Points:
  • What is the most unexpected thing patch 4.1 has brought?
  • How is your server adjusting to the new gem vendor price changes?
  • Why do you think Blizzard kept the raw uncommon vendor price at 5g when the cut is now 75s?

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  1. I'll miss this little gold making gimmick >:

  2. i would like to point out that when i am sitting around bored and dont have anyone to run dungeons with i go and physically pick my herbs for the mysterious fortune cards for a few hours, PURE PROFIT is always nice and even though "time is money" sittin on your ass waiting for something to happen might be just as much of a waste of time possibly not getting anything.

  3. Not unexpected, but the volatility in maelstrom crystal prices has resulted in some nice profit for me. On my server I have been picking them up for 300-400 gold and flipping them for 600 gold almost immediately.