Introducing the World of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory

World of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory

I'd like to introduce the World of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory. It is a hand-crafted list of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs and podcasts. Learn more about the new directory after the jump.

The Directory
The best tools are born out of necessity. In this case I was having trouble keeping track of everyone in the World of Warcraft gold-making blogging community. I took some time and consolidated all the relevant information I could about  all the gold-making blogs I could.
Bookmark the World of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory (or use the Power Word: Gold top navigation bar link) so you can always find your favorite gold blogger's info and how to get a hold of them. I've included each blog's URL, RSS Feed, writer, twitter account and basic contact information.

Get Added
If you run a World of Warcraft gold-making blog or podcast and would like your information added to the directory, added onto (additional contact info, twitter, skype, IM, IRC, etc.) or corrected please send an email to

I will be adding Podcasts (and perhaps Twitterers) to the Directory soon. 

Activity Level
One feature I included was an "Activity" level column. Activity levels are a subjective measure updated periodically by myself. They are roughly based on recent post activity, post frequency and engagement in the gold-making community. You can read more about what each level means on the directory page.

I felt this was needed to help Directory users know where to find fresh gold-making content.

Talking Points:
  • What gold-making blogs have I missed?
  • What could be added to make the Directory more useful?

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  1. Love it! A go to spot for all the info! Great job there!

    However for my twitter, it's AltosGold, not AltosGoldish.

  2. One word: Winning! Seriously though, this is too cool and super awesome. Thanks a ton for this!

  3. @Alto Fix'd. Thanks for the heads up.

    @Stokpile Thank you for writing such a useful blog.

    Also I've finished adding Podcasts to the Directory. (Thinking of possibly adding Twitterers next.)

  4. Great idea! I love the fact that you've also indicated which blogs are active. Thanks for making the list!

  5. Thanks for adding me to the list... if you wanted to add my e-mail its Perhaps I should reactivate my twitter account...hmmm

  6. OK reactivated twitter is @Breevok (what else?!)

  7. Great Idea!

    Although I had most of them bookmarked I still got 4 new ones! Thanks and Greetz to AZ! I realy liked it there.

  8. A very nice idea! Will send you ideas if i come up with anything. This is just awesome!

    I like this blog and what you do so much that i'm seriously thinking about donating some cash, which i never usual do being the cheap bastard that i am.