How I (Accidentally) Became The Luckiest. WoW Player. Ever.

Ashes. Ashes. We all fall down!

So I opened my bags this morning in preparation to sell some enchanting mats on the auction house and noticed something odd. I had an Ashes of Al'ar mount in my inventory.

Why is this odd? Because I already have the Ashes of Al'ar. (See "The Benefits of Economic Freedom (Or How I Got The Ashes of Al'ar)") This had me scratching my head and then the realization slowly crept over me.

The Kill
Last night I was in Netherstorm making my rounds to Stormspire to pick up the pets they sell there which I resell on the Auction House. I saw someone broadcasting in the local channel that the were going to kill Kael'thas for a chance for the mount.

Since I was right these I sent them a whisper and they added me. Apparently they were trying to duo him and not having success. They thanked me for helping and I flew to The Eye and headed in.

Our first attempt was less then successful but our second attempt was going well. Kael'thas was almost dead when I hear a loud *CRASH* sound behind me in the kitchen and saw my cat slipping on the wood flooring as it hauled ass around the corner and out of the kitchen.

Miscellaneous? Nothing important to see there.
Apparently you shouldn't leave bowls that have recently had tuna in them near the edge of your counter where the cats will try to "clean" them for you.

So now I have what I can only assume are shards of broken bowl all over the kitchen floor. (I can't see it as it's behind the counter from where I'm sitting.) And I'm about to die to Kael'thas a second time.

The "Oops"
Luckily Kael'thas finally goes down this time. There is much rejoicing as I hurry and click greed on the loot. I am looking for a Tier 5 chest piece though (want the 15% damage to pet healing for extreme hunter soloing) and make sure to roll need on the token. At least that's what I thought I was rolling on.

I wasn't paying total attention as out of the corner of my eye I can see my cat slowly creeping back towards the kitchen. Not wanting the cat to start licking tuna off broken bowl shards I thank them for the run and hearth.

After finishing cleaning up the broken bowl I get back to my computer and log over to my jewelcrafter to repost my gems. Nothing unusual.

The Awful Realization
Fast forward to this morning and I now have two Ashes of Al'ar. I must have been distracted when clicking on the need and greed buttons (I use Xloot for my loot rolls and while its great for most stuff it is smaller than the default roll interface) and accidentally rolled Need for the Ashes of Al'ar.

I feel really bad for the other two players who saw the Ashes of Al'ar drop lost the roll then saw the winner immediately hearth but when your cat's about to lick broken glass you kinda gotta handle that. (My cat isn't the brightest bulb on the tree.)

I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Put it in my bank I suppose and hope that one day they will make it account bound. (One can hope.)

Talking Points
  • What is the craziest thing you have looted by accident?
  • What is the worst case of ninja-looting you've seen?
  • What should I do with this extra Ashes of Al'ar?

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  1. I hate April 1 because I never know if a post is serious or not! xD

    If it isn't, I recommend try to get in touch with the two people you were there with (Recount may have saved their names if nothing else did.) and ask them who to ticket it to, assuming you're out of the 2 hour trade window.

    Completely small time compared to an Ashes of Alar, but I remember back on my mage, I was really new to WoW, and we were running BRD. The Master Builder's Shirt droppped off of Fineous Darkvire (A soulbound white item) and it just happened to be on my loot. Everyone FREAKED OUT that I didn't let them roll on it and berated me until I left the group. o.O

  2. If it isn't a joke, that is* ^^

  3. What inventory addon is that?