Have Group, Will Travel - We're All Mages Now!

We've all seen players fruitlessly spamming chat begging for a portal. We also know all mages are greedy elitists who can't be bothered to srop watching "Cake Boss" long enough to press two buttons to help a brother out.

If you are in a level 21 guild you can come to the rescue! Learn how to assist these wayward travelers (and perhaps make a little gold in the process) after the jump.

Mages? We Don't Need No Stinking Mages!
One of the benefits of being in a level 21 guild is the guild perk spell Have Group, Will Travel. If Ritual of Summoning and the Portal spell had a baby this spell would be that wicked-awesome baby!

The Have Group, Will Travel tooltip doesn't specify guild-only.
Have Group, Will Travel (found in the guild tab of your spell book) summons all your party/raid members to your location (only works outside). It has a 6 second cast and a 2 hour cooldown.

The important part is that it the party/raid members don't need to be in your guild to get teleported to you. (If you have used the "Teleport Friend" feature of Recuit-a-Friend this spell functions in a very similar way.)

I'm In Ur City Stealing Ur Tips!
If you see someone in trade chat asking for a port to the city you are in simply add them to a group, use this spell, and in 6 seconds they will be standing in front of you throwing gold coins at your face for being so awesome! (That last part may not happen.)

While we can't always expect to get tipped for this it's a nice bonus when you do. Give it a try today. And the mages? Let eat cake!

Talking Points
  • What is the most creative use for Have Group, Will Travel have you seen?
  • What gold-making uses are there for Have Group, Will Travel?
  • How will this change the way you get around Azeroth?

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  1. My favorite use is combining this with Bartering. A lot of people don't like you running off with their 12.5k, so I port them to K3, get their gold, make their chopper, and pocket the extra cash left over from the perk. :D

    It's drastically changed the way I get around since I have a second account with guild-members at my disposal. I never need ports to SW anymore since I can hop on my other account and just summon myself. =]