Video Tutorial: Making and Selling Glyphs With the TradeSkillMaster Addon

After watching Faid's great video about her current glyph process (Fadian Slip #12) I thought I'd share the process I use for quickly and efficiently researching, making and listing glyphs on the auction house using the addon TradeSkillMaster.

As we all know "Time is money friend!" and these tutorials will allow you to spend less time making more money.

The Jist
What I do in a nutshell in this video is use Auctioneer, TradeSkillMaster and Panda to find the most profitable glyphs, queue up making those glyphs, easily buy the mats/herbs to make those glyphs and finally craft and list them on the auction house.

The video goes into much more detail as to how to set up TradeSkillMaster groups quickly by ink. It also goes over how to set up TradeSkillMaster group setting to allow you to post your glyphs automatically for the price you want.

After watching the tutorial you should have a much better grasp on the ins-and-outs of TradeSkillMaster. It is a very powerful addon and your gold profits will grow as you master it's intricacies. Learn it. Know it. Love it.

Although in this video I talk specifically about using TradeSkillMaster for making Inscription glyphs the exact same techniques can be used for all other professions including Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to the the ways you can use TradeSkillMaster.

Video Notes
The tutorial is split into two parts due to youtube time limits. It runs around 22 minutes in total.

The reason for the length is that I really wanted to give as much detail as possible so that auctioneers of any skill level could learn exactly how this process works.

You may notice that there are times when the screen goes black. I currently am using the free version of fraps and it limits my recording to 30 seconds at a time. I am working on getting a full version soon. (If you'd like to donate to the "fraps fund" feel free to use the "Donate" button on the sidebar.)

Even with the technical difficulties I think the tutorial turned out great. We should always be striving to make our gold-making sessions as fast and efficient as possible. Addons like TradeSkillMaster are some of our best tools to accomplish this.

Talking Points
  • What are your favorite time-saving tips for large-scale operations like glyphs?
  • What would you like to know about TradeSkillMaster that wasn't covered in the video?
  • What topics would you like to covered in future video tutorials?


  1. Holly mother of glyph haven, i was just looking for that flux,but i hope now TSM is more stable that a few weeks ago, since it keep crashing on my machine.
    I will so see this wend i go home,i still do things the manual way, and some times i even have used Glyper from Auctioner to check the profitable Glyph, but whit this kind of detail i will know now how to work what this addon.

  2. Ok, i saw the video ,learned allot ,made some glyph and see how it goes,will post gain tomorrow to show the result .

  3. I am having problem setting up the price,i buy the mats.i craft the glyphs ,but then wend i go post them ,it puts for all item 5g bid and 5 gold buyout.Here does it gets this information to put the price for each item?
    Or do i have to input all prices manualy?

  4. @Alberthus/Althuss If you have them in groups them you need to change the "Group Overrides" for each group of glyphs you have set up.

    I do this part starting at at around 4:30 into the second video. You might take a look at it again.

    Set "Price threshold" to the lowest you will sell for. (15g for example.)

    Set the "Fallback Price" as the price it will reset to if it goes too low. (199g for example.)

    Finally make sure Reset Method is set to "Post at Fallback"

    If you don't change the individual group's Group Overrides it used the defaults which are often wrong.

    Hope that helps. If not let me know.

  5. I now have seen you 2 part of the video for 6 or 7 times now, and i think i got it,i will try to set the "Price threshold" for the correspondent Ink based on the price of that Ink,so each and every Ink will have it own price.
    The problem was i thought it would put prices automatically like auctionator or apraiser tool on auctioneer.
    We have to put prices manually for each set of glyphs.
    But still wonderful guide you made,i help me allot.
    Thumbs up.

  6. @Alberthus By "every Ink will have it own price" do you mean the group containing all the glyphs made by that ink?

    TSM will automatically post your glyphs just under the current low price glyphs (unless the current low price is under your threshold).

    If the price is lower then your threshold it will post at your fallback price.

    You aren't setting prices for each glyph but setting parameters for what prices it will post between.

    Threshold|------Fallback-----|Maximum Price

    So The low end is the threshold (say 15g). The fallback is about midrange (or what you want them to reset to say 199g or so).

    Max price is a multiple of your fallback price. This is in case someone posts for a ridiculous price (like 900g for one glyph). If it was set at 200% and we had a fallback of 199g then max would be 398g. If the price went above 398 then you will post for 199 because 298 is too expensive.

    And just in case I'm missing your point, yes you have to put prices (an acceptable price range)for each SET of glyphs. The TSM "Auctioning - Post" scans for lowest prices the prices glyphs below them (but within the parameters I talked about above).

    I may have to make a post about Group Overrides in detail at some point.

    If this doesn't answer your question let me know.

  7. Yes I understand now how to put prices, what happened, was the first time I went posting ,since it didn’t had any information in the Group Overrides ,TSM posted all item, I had whit the same price :

    -5g bid
    -5g buyout

    No matter the actual price of the item, so even an item that costs to make 50g, it still posted to sell at 5g.

    I have put the info after seem your post, before this one so later wend I arrive home I will see how it went.

    What I still don’t understand is why wend I craft a item it gets the information from “auctioneer minimum buyout”, that we put at the data tab.
    But at selling we have to put the actual Threshold|------Fallback-----|Maximum Price.

    Why it doesn’t use the “auctioneer minimum buyout”?

    Or maybe I am making a huge confusion on how this works :)

  8. @Alberthus Hopefully you were able to calcel those 5g auctions and repost them when you got the settings correct.

    TSM uses its own Database (AuctionDB) to scan and price them items right after you push the "Auctioning - Posting" button. It wants to be sure your prices are as up-to-date as possible. So while you may not notice it is doing it TSM makes sure you are the lowest price (withing your settings) with fresh info.

    The reason we do an Auctioneer scan is to have info on glyphs and mats we may not have at the time.

    Technically you could do a scan with TSM to get you he same info and use AuctionDB (TSM's own database) by scanning with "AuctionDB - Run Scan" and selecting the "Inscription" check box. You would then also have to make sure AuctionDB was what TSM is using to for glyph and mat prices in the crafting window.

    The reason I like Auctioneer scan is that is that it is fast and I get prices for everything on the AH and keep building my database.

    "AuctionDB - Run Scan" can do a quick get all scan as well but I'm sticking with auctioneer for my auction database needs.

    Also I use Auctioneer data for other addons like OreCrusher etc.

    Let me know if this helps (or not).

  9. OK i am starting to get the hang of it ,thanks for all the info about TSM flux.

  10. Because glyphs are a good deal? Since we now seize the glyph is no longer need to buy it.

  11. @Tiago Yes glyphs are still profitable even though they are learned once. Alts and new characters still need glyphs.

  12. What a great tutorial! I am new to goldmaking and to TSM and was doing individual entries/management for each and every glyph. Then I'd get annoyed when I had a bag full of unposted glyphs because i set the minimum price too high and the market changed on me. This is a MUCH better way to manage groups by mat price.

    Now to figure out how to do this for my enchants...