Quickly Vendor Jewelcrafting Gems With The AutoVendor Addon

With many of us doing the Obsidium Shuffle these days I though I'd make a video showing how I quickly cut and vendor the gems when my supply runs too high using the AutoVendor addon.

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The Shuffle
For those unfamiliar with the "Obsidium Shuffle" here are the basics. Obsidium Ore prospects into the uncommon Cataclysm gems Zephyrite, Carnelian, Nightstone, Jasper, Alicite and Hessonite. Each of these gems can be cut (to any cut) and vendored for 9 gold.

If these gems are selling raw for under 9g47s each (9g+5% AH cut) it is worth it to simply cut anc vendor them.

The Tedium
If I know I'm going to be doing a lot of cutting I'll often cut in the AH while checking for undercuts. Also I find myself watching a lot of Netflix or catching up on the gold-making blogs in my blog roll. 

That said I try everything I can to NOT have to cut and vendor but sometimes that is the only sensible thing to do.

Talking Points
  • How do you speed up your cutting and vendoring?
  • How many stacks of uncommon Cataclysm gems do you usually keep on hand?
  • What do you to do occupy your time while vendoring?

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  1. I listen to Podcasts while shuffling. It's so much better to learn about gold making while making gold, lol.

    Plus you can always search for items on the Auction House as the podcast brings them up.

  2. Little advice. Try addon Vendorizer. It's the same auto-vendoring addon, but you don't need to use slash commands, and also it shows you how much gold you got after selling all items in your "to-sell" list.
    Here, catch a link -
    I just recently begun to use it and find it great!
    Let me know what do you think about it -!/rachel_ka

  3. #sklyanka Thanks for the tip. After shecking it on Curse it seems it hasn't been updated in 5 months. I'd hate to grow attached to an addon that isn't being maintained. From what I saw it looks nice.

    The slash commands for AutoVendor are pretty painless and it works across all my toons. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

  4. Thanks so much for the videos you do for addons. I was looking for an addon for vendoring all the gems because I'm finally sick of clicking each one to vendor and remembered you had a post. This worked great for me, thanks for being a resource I can go to. =D

    Cutting/vendoring I tend to go afk and clean the apartment and such, during prospecting I watch Netflix.

    On hand I have 5 stacks of everything except Carnelian and Nightstone, which I have 20 stacks of since they're of higher value to me.

  5. Im really happy with this video. I knew about auto vendor addons, but never checked them out, and stuck with vendor selling macro's instead. This looks to be much better as I dont have to keep macro's on a bar anymore.