Project Goblin 000: A Gold-Making Guru Starts From Scratch

This the first in a series called "Project Goblin". I will be taking a level 1 character and reporting on my gold-making efforts as I level up. What will this adventure teach me? What are the rules of the project?

The Rules
  • All I'll have in my adventure is the gold-making knowledge I've acquired over the years.
  • I will have no "twink" starter gold or bags.  
  • I will record short video dairies after each play session briefly describing what I did and what I learned.
  • I will include level and gold levels with every major Project Goblin update.
  • I will share my insights along the journey regularly on Power Word: Gold 

The Motivation
Many players who have been making gold for years forget what it can be like starting out as a new player. I intend to get back to my roots and see what they have to go through.

It seems we often sit up in our castles built of gold and only ever talk about how we make huge amounts of gold. The reason we can make so much gold is because we've been doing it for so long.

They say it takes money to make money. While this may be true I want to test myself and see if I can make it from scratch with only my wits.

Follow Project Goblin
Follow my adventures as I document the process on Project Goblin. I plan on making regular blog posts detailing how the project is going, what I'm (re)discovering and what's working.

I will be posting larger "wrap-up" videos that will be accompany my blog posts as well as smaller "uncut" video journals after play sessions.

You can find the latest Project Goblin videos on the Power Word: Gold YouTube channel. (Be sure to subscribe to my channel while you're there!) You can also go directly to the Project Goblin YouTube playlist.

Finally I will be posting shorter "daily journal" type of videos up on the Power Word: Gold Facebook page before they go line anywhere else (including twitter or YouTube). Be sure to head there and "Like" us to get  the absolute latest Project Goblin info.

It Begins
I'm excited to be starting this new project and look forward to the adventures I'll have struggling to make gold from scratch. I want the community to be part of the project as well.

Please leave feedback, tips, tricks and anything else you can think of in comments on the blog posts, YouTube, twitter and Facebook. As much as I'd like to consider myself a proficient gold-maker, "the wise man knows that he knows nothing".

Talking Points

  • Any tips/tricks for a level 10 goblin? An actual goblin (as in green ears) not the "goblin" that makes lots of gold.
  • What guides etc. would you recommend to help a level 10 horde make gold?
  • What aspects of the project do you want to see covered in future videos?

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  1. Very interesting idea. As a semi-newbie myself, I've made around 30k gold total, and my highest level character is 40. The way I have been doing it is basically by flipping lots of stuff. I bid on lots and lots of stuff when it gets low. I use TUJ, and just check to see when mats are low.

    A good way I have found to get that starter seed money, is to buy up "Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect" for 5s from the vendor in IF (I'm alliance, but i think the vendor in Ogr sells it too), then list it on the AH for 4 or 5g. It usually will sell within a day or 2 (at least on my server), and if you do that a couple times, it is a nice start anyway.

  2. As you'll probably will be in Orgrimmar - visit enchanting and inscription vendors, they are very close to each other and will sell you scrolls, formulas and dust with essenses (both latter are limited) - AH. Resell snakes from the vendor. You can get enchanting to disenchant lowlevel greens and sell dust and essences on AH. Another one - new cooking dailies. You need to be level 10 to get it. Get badges, purchase containers with beans or meat (depending on your server prices) ans sell on AH.

  3. Great idea! I'm excited to see this project develop. Yours has quickly become one of my favorite goldmaking blogs. Keep it up!

    I can't say I have any goblin-specific tips for you, since I've yet to roll a goblin (I keep meaning to, but just can't find the time). As for general tips, though, I think that the most obvious one is to pick up dual gathering professions, with Mining and Herbalism or Skinning. Then you can grab every node or skin every dead beastie you see as you are questing. It's a great way to get gold while you're questing, so you can accomplish both goals at the same time!

    Also, check out the Tuxedo Patterns for tailoring. They're limited-availability vendor recipes sold by Millie Gregorian in the Undercity. I don't know how well they'll sell Horde-side, but Alliance-side they sell quite well.

    Looking forward to future updates!


  4. I did the same thing a while ago in wrath with a priest space goat. The only thing they had to start with was boa staff and chest. Since I play horde they had access to nothing, including any friends I have. It was a ton of fun and a huge challenge at the start.

    My best suggestions are to look at vendor goodies and any low level food you pick up. Also try to pick a profession that you can start to make gold with quickly like enchanting or inscription.

    Of course take a gathering profession as any new toon needs one while leveling up. When I did this I went with inscription and herbalism which was dropped in favor of enchanting at level 70ish.

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the awesome tips. I'll try to make it to Org today and start my cooking dailies. I'll also start scrounging for patterns.

    Keep the comments coming. Tradey is depending on you!

    I'm working mining and herbalism and hoping those pay off (although they cramp my bag space). Any ideas on cheap bags? Maybe even cheap mining/herbing bags?

  6. I got an email from a reader (watcher?) asking about which addons I use in my UI setup in the video. Here is my quick response for all those interested in UI addons.

    "Here is a breakdown of the main UI mods I use. You can find most of these addons at

    -Actionbars -
    Bartender4 with ButtonFacade with the Dek2 skin. I use kgPanels to make the darker areas directly behind the action bars.

    I use OmniCC and InlineAuras for timers on my action button timers (for things like dots, buffs etc.)

    Carbonite is my map on the lower left along with my quest tracker.

    Minimap - SexyMap for my map. I use MinimapButtonFrame for my minimap buttons.

    I use Simple3DPortrait to get that large target portrait above the left of my action bars.

    For moving things like warnings and some UI elements I use MoveAnything

    I use GatherMate2 and GatherMate2 Data for my minimap gather nodes.

    I use HearKitty for the rogue combo point audio chimes. I also use PowerAuraClassic for indicators for things like slice and dice (the swords in the video even though I'm too low to have SnD)as well as the squiggly "!" for combo points.

    Hope this helps. If there is one I missed let me know and I'll identify it."

  7. One addon you might like for those vendor recipes is RecipeProfit for Gathermate - I use gatherer for my herb/mining but installed Gathermate2 in order to use the RecipeProfit - it puts a little dot on your minimap whenever you are in range of a vendor recipe. Very handy if you're in an area you don't know or have forgotten! I was amazed by how many vendor recipes were available in Ironforge when I first installed this.

    There's also the cooking recipe vendor - we have one in SW but I don't know where the horde equivalent would be. Other than that, it's just vendor/resale searches with auctioneer & flipping til the cows come home!