The Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 001

We are proud to present our inaugural episode of the Power Word: Gold Podcast. We are excited for this new outlet and ask that you pardon our dust as we get things setup.

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Show notes after the jump.

Show Notes

Talking Points
  • What did you think of Episode 001 and how could we improve?
  • What topics and/or guests would you like to see featured in future podcasts?
  • What specific gold-making questions would you like answered on the podcast?
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  1. Hey flux, nice idea about podcasting.
    It had some real highlights I especially liked the halaa story. But for next time, maybe try to set up a scedule on paper. Actualy you sounded somehow distracted by the stuff that was goin on at your screen ;-)

    Keep it up!

  2. Hi, I am always interested in listening to new podcasts on goldmaking. Always tough on the first episode as you need to establish yourself and work out where you want to go with things. I really think a co-host or regular guests would be a good idea. Having someone to bounce off can be good and can help things to flow and it's always nice to hear opposing opinions. Also just as the show felt like it was getting going it was over so I will look forward to the next episode. Hope you get it onto itunes sooner rather than later then I can subscribe.

  3. @Torgal Thanks for listening. The hardest part for most things I do is getting the first one out there. The part when I was discradted was when I was trying to do the silly Argent Tournament jousting quest. (If you listen carefully you can hear me mashing my "charge" button. :)

    @Scally Thanks for the feedback. I'm waiting on iTunes approval of the podcast. I'm not sure how long it takes but they have the proper feed info.

    While I thought 30 minutes was a good length I think I may extend it a bit as I also like longer podcasts (as long as I have something interesting to talk about).

    I'm working on the possibility of guests and/or a co-host for the future episodes. Until then I'll continue solo. Finding ways to keep it entertaining and informative while alone will be my challenge.

    Regular content is one of the tenants of Power Word: Gold and this podcast is a great way to give information in a more free-form format.

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  5. 1 Have a plan of what to talk about
    2 Stick to the plan (don't "oh, my npcscan found rare mob, where are you, where are you)
    3 Speak up
    4 Don't sound distracted, you voice need to be more confident, it needs to sound interested in what you are talking at the moment.

    Hope to listen to new episode soon.