Maximizing Your Living Elements Daily Transmute

This is a video detailing how to speed up and maximize your 24-hour "Transmute: Living Elements" Alchemy cooldown if you are under level 85.

It goes into which location to do your transmute and how to quickly and easily get there.

Video notes after the jump.

Video Notes
  • Getting to Uldum from Dalaran is beneficial for characters level 75-83 who haven't been to Uldum and opened the portal there.
  • Having your hearthstone set in Dalaran is a bit inconvenient if you do anything that requires meeting other players in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
  • If your crafting alt doesn't use the auction house simply part them by the mailbox in Uldum and mail them Volatile Life and have them mail back Volatile Air.
  • Important Addons used in this video
  • Watch the auction house for cheap Volatile Life and stock up. You never want to miss a daily transmute.
  • If your alchemists are transmute specced they will always proc a few extra random volatiles. These extra volatiles are always random regardless of the zone you are in.
  • Once you have a good amount of Volatile Air sell it on the AH in 200 stacks. It is much easier than posting them in smaller batches and 200 stacks sell just as fast.
Talking Points
  • What is your favorite trick for quick travel ?
  • How do you get your Volatile Life for your Living Elements transmute?
  • What would you like to see in future videos?

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  1. Whats that bag addon, which seperates items in different categories? I use bagnon but since i use so much time makin gold, i would like to have cool and easy way to find everything.

  2. @Jokine I use AdiBags and love it to death.

  3. Are you online atm? I would like to have a conversation about some things in any voice program, if you would like to.

    and thanks for tha addon

  4. @Jokine Sure. I can hop on my skype account for the next while. My skype user name is "powerwordgold001".