Marking Your Competition (Literally)

"I have the perpetrator in sight."
Today I wanted to give just a quick tip on something I do when I'm competing with a player who is currently online.

If you're are experienced auctioneer you already know to put frequent undercutters on your friends list. This is taking that idea a step further.

I type "/tar abc" where 'abc' is the first three letters of their name. (If /tar doesn't target them try the city's other AH area.) Once I have them targeted I place a raid marker on them. (Right click their target frame to access raid markers if you don't have them keybound.) I usually use the condom...I mean 'circle' as I find it easiest to track. This allows me to easily see their comings and goings.

"He's making his move."

Since raid markers can be seen from a ridiculous distance I can see them walk to the mailbox. To the Auctioneers etc.

Along with friends list online/offline notifications these marks can help you know when they are heading to the AH to undercut you. This allows you to go after they've left the AH and re-undercut them.

Another thing I have found to make tracking competition easily is the SLDataText addon. It places a simple little bit of plain text on your UI.

Location. Location. Location.

When moused over it displays a bunch of important information about your friends (or "friends" in this case) including where they currently are (no AH in TB!), if they are away (when the cat's away!), etc.

I mouse over it often while auctioning to keep an eye on who's doing what were. You can never have too much information.

While today's tips may seem a bit 'stalker-ish' just remember that all is fair in love and war.

Talking Points

  • What is your favorite surveillance technique for your competition?
  • What AH PVP tricks do you commonly employ?
  • What addons make tracking your competition easier?

1 comment:

  1. I like to open the combat log when a competitor is in the Inscription shop buying paper or trading ink. You can see which glyphs they are making in the combat log. Since I know one of my competitors uses the Trade Skill Master add on--I make glyphs he makes since he is making the ones the add on says he's missing or ones that are not posted on auction house.

    Note: I go out of his range to make my glyphs since he may be snooping on the combat log also.