4.1 Maelstrom Crystal Price Crash Imminent? A Link Roundup

(This infographic is completely made-up.) 
"Maelstrom Crystals are now available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points from the associated commodities vendors." (Wowhead Blog - "PTR Patch 4.1 Notes Updated (3/22)")

Rather then writing a full post about the possible crash of the Maelstrom Crystal market I'm going to do a "Link Roundup".

Here are some relevant links and snippets of what the gold making community is saying about the news. As more discussion happens I'll update this post.

The News
The first I hear about is was via @Wowhead's twitter.

"The PTR Patch Notes have been updated Even more mage buffs, maelstrom crystals for honor & justice points and more!"

I immediately sent out this tweet via @PowerWordGold:
"Oh snap. Dump MCs nao! Wowhead: 4.1 Maelstrom Crystals are now available for purchase with Honor or Justice Points."

The Warnings
Bankok Bill's World of Goldcraft was the first blog to pick it up and posted "Patch 4.1 Updates".
"So quick tip. If you have built up a stock of Maelstrom Crystals it's time to get rid of them like they were a bunch of young girls who can't stop singing Rebecca's Black new "song" (I wouldn't follow that link if I were you - and if you do I HIGHLY recommend muting the volume)."
Hey. I like that song! Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

While I don't have an exact timeline the next two blogs to discuss were Anaalius and Just My Two Copper. posted "Patch 4.1 March 22 Update".
"How much will Maelstrom crystals cost after this change and how will this affect our markets. I predict prices will tank as people stock there points for the patch to just under 1000g per which could make quite a few the higher end enchants cheap enough to start selling at a higher rate."

I'll update this post as more roll in.

The Takeaway
I hope I don't have to spell out what to do if you have any Maelstrom Crystals lying around.

Talking Points
  • How did you first hear the news about Maelstrom Crystals being purchasable for JP/HP?
  • What does the MC market look like on your server after the news?
  • Is there an "upside" to the Maelstrom Crystal market tanking?

Update 1: Déjà vu!
Vince pointed out in the comments that the topic of a MC crash had been discussed back in Feb when we found out Heroic ZA/ZG would include disenchantable epics.

While this is true the more recent patch notes added MCs being purchasable for Justice and Honor Points. Included below are a few of the articles from back in Feb on the topic. Thanks Vince!

Faid at Nerf Faids posted "Maelstrom Crystal prices to drop in 4.1" on Feb 24, 2011.
"Both ZA and ZG will be heroic 5-mans....I anticipate this to be the first "easily" farmed source of Maelstrom Crystals. I recommend moving your stock before this patch hits live."
Vince at Bank of Wukam posted "Patch 4.1 Enchanting Speculation" on Feb 25, 2011.
"One other thing, that might actually prove useful to you now. I have a hunch that the BoE Bracer Recipes will become much more popular and more expensive after the patch. I don't know what it's like on other servers, but on mine these things are all over the AH, and their prices are steadily dropping....If I'm right, now might be the time to learn these [formulas] while they're still relatively cheap."

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  1. Hiya Flux. Technically, I was one of, if not the, first to speculate on the effects of the MC crash, way back at the end of February!

    Faid posted a day before me that the prices *would* drop, I just took it a few steps further to figure out what that might entail for scrolls and such.

  2. @Vince Thanks for the links. I know there was speculation back when we found out the ZA/ZG epics would be able to disenchant into MC.

    What's new about the more recent patch change is the addition of Maelstrom Crystals being able to be purchased for Justice and Honor Points.

    I've updated the post to included some of the previous posts.

  3. Wait. You like Friday? Are you serious? I mean she left the entire world hanging. I finally learn that Saturday is after Friday and that Sunday comes after that - but then she leaves us hanging. What comes after Sunday!?!? Why doesn't she tell us?

  4. The only upside I can think of is that high level enchants will move a lot faster. So I'm expecting more coin to be made out of th increased throughput of MCs.

  5. Just an a heads up.... Enchanters can buy items for 700 honor points that then disenchant in to Maelstroms. For the amount of honor it costs to buy 1 Maelstrom crystal straight up, you can obtain at least 5 items that disenchant in to one (and sometimes 2!)