Working With Limited Play Time

Good day for Zephyrite.
Yesterday I wrote a rather long winded guide for using TSM to help set up gems for JC daily sales.
(I ended up topping 6k in gem sales that day as well with the lions share coming from Zephyrite.)

Today I decided to take it easy on you, our dear readers, and make this a short one.

Reader Apprentice Trader (check out their new gold blog at The Apprentice Trader) asked the following questions in a comment about yesterday's post.
"How much time can you spend checking the AH each day and how many active competitors do you have on your server....I found that my home servers market has too many AH campers who'll undercut me by 1c at any given time of day....Do you have any other ideas how to profit from the JC dailys as a trader with a daytime job?"
To answer the first one how much time I spend checking the AH depends on what I am doing on any given day and if I feel like babysitting the AH or not. I don't have to tell any of us that gold making can get quite addicting.

The more time I spend AH the more gold I make. That being said, there is more to WoW then just making gold so I take breaks to go level an alt or find a new pet for my hunter etc. etc. Moderation in all things and so on.

As for question two the following are a few quick suggestions to make a profit on JC daily days even if you are pressed for time.

Be a Night-owl.
Stock the AH right after the daily reset.

  • Be up the first few hours right after the 3am server reset will allow you to 
  • Get in early
  • Reset the market 
  • Post a bunch of gems to sell throughout the morning hours.

 You may lose the market as more and more players log on but you may be able to get a good amount of sales before the vultures...I mean competition...swoops in.

Play Hard and Fast.
Dominate the market for a brief period.

  • Set aside a short period like half an hour to an hour
  • Dominate the AH for that short time
  • Reset the market if you can 
  • Camp out in front of your Auctioneer "Appraiser" tab. 
  • Refresh the appraiser tab for that gem every few minutes (maybe even faster if you have competition).
  • Undercut mercilessly and immediately. (Always undercut by 1 copper.)
  • Have the stack size set to 1 and the number of stacks at 3. If you need 6 press the button twice.
  • Have a large stockpile of gems in your bags to avoid needing to go to the mailbox.
  • Don't bother cancelling older auctions until you are getting low on gems in your bag.
  • Re-list immediately after you make a sale.
  • Put all those who undercut you on your friends list and keep tabs on them via your friend panel.  (How many are on? Are they in a major city? Did they give up and go farming in Twilight Highlands?)
  • At the end of your time cancel all the auctions that are undercut and post them all at the current low price.

If you hit it like you mean it (very hard and very fast) you will dominate the market for that brief period and get sales. You might even scare the competition (which is always a good thing).

Haters gotta hate. Undercutters gotta undercut.
Triple Up
Post in multiples to cater to the lazy.

  • Post all your gems in multiples of 3.
  • Post at current price.
  • Not much else to say.
By posting in threes you may be able to sell to JCs who use addons like Auctionator or Auctioneer who want to get their daily done ASAP. They will see yours in a stack of three and snap it up. It helps set you apart a bit from others who may be posting singles (even if the singles are cheaper).

Hit and Run 
Use the WoW Remote Auction House to post while away from the game.

  • Subscribe to the WoW Remote Auction House (2.99/mo)
  • Have a good supply of raw gems (in bags or in personal bank are same thing to the remote AH)
  • Post auctions from your iPhone while using the restroom, waiting in line, riding the bus, etc.
  • Post from any web browser (if you are allowed) on your lunch/coffee breaks, etc.
  • Post 3 or 6 gems at a time depending on your stock and how often you will get a chance to post.
  • Don't be afraid to buy out a few lower cost gems if they are in your way. (The remote AH easily lets you repost items purchased from the AH.)
  • Don't lose your job over this. (WoW is awesome, granted, but so is food.)
By being able to post while not in the game you can still grab a piece of the pie while bringing home the bacon.

I hope these tips help those of you who may have limited play time but still want to get a piece of the JC daily action.

How do you make money when you have limited time?

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